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-Archie Bloom is found handcuffed to his car and burned to death in an alley behind a cabaret featuring female impersonators.

-Archie's father was abusing him before he kicked him out. Archie's gay lover was a drug dealer who also abused him and Rick a guy he worked with bullied Archie ruthlessly.

-All three are suspects but Glenda, a featured singer at the club says none of them are the man she saw in the alley that night.

-Jane deduces that Archie committed suicide, cuffing himself to the car and setting it on fire. Lisbon arrests the three suspects on differing charges with the evidence they found during their investigation but none are charged with murder.

-Jane takes Lisbon back to the cabaret for a show and introduces her to a new, young singer who is actually Archie.

-Glenda and the ladies stopped Archie from committing suicide.  Glenda took an unclaimed body from her day job at a funeral home and used it to make it look like Archie was dead so he could start a new life.

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Judi, Archie's father was Billy R. Moses.


Who played Archie Blooms father?


I just finished watching this episode. I have no words to express how beautiful, sensitive, human, heartbreaking and even joyous it was! Please, whoever does the intro review for this DO NOT give away the ending! And that goes for everyone else. I can't wait to get the DVD so I can watch it over and over. If this episode does not get some kind of great award, no show deserves one. I'm writing this when I should be getting a publication done to meet a deadline but all I can do is think about this episode. Jeez! It was SO GOOD!