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-JJ LaRoche shoots one of two robbers who break into his home and steal his Tupperware container from his safe. He asks Jane to find it.


-Jane's never looked in the container but the investigation turns up that LaRoche's mother was beaten and raped nine years ago. She begged her assailant to stop for two hours but he wouldn't. Three months later she committed suicide. The man was recently released from prison.


-The search leads to a leak at the CBI. Cho finds that Brenda once covered the robber who was a locksmith in a local paper where she was the managing editor. 


-The team sets up Brenda, who makes a phone call to warn a drug lord about a raid. When confronted, Brenda cuts a deal.  The team finds the Tupperware container in her desk but Jane won't let anyone open it. He returns it to LaRoche.  LaRoche doesn't know he's never looked inside.


-Lisbon finally tracks down the man who attacked LaRoche's mother. She wants to question him but can't. Just before his sentencing nine years ago, someone broke in, drugged him and cut out his tongue. They never found out who did it, or his tongue.

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@KM Great reminder about the switching of RVC and R&I! Kind of changes the whole season finale lead-in for me because they definitely gave us a Jisbony load in RVC. Did that sound bad? Oh well. In fact I'm still thinking about that episode. Wondering what Lisbon was so tickled about in the car in R&I made me think more about her not a couple remark in RVC. Her facial expression when delivering it was so strong, a grimace of impossibility. So I tried it on like a hat or something and the feeling I got was she was still pissed about being teased by Jane for a Love Doctor fan. When she made that face it was probably all for Jane like, you think he's hitting this? not a chance. Gave me a total fit of giggles when I thought about it.


@bw&r @Watcher Very good points, you're right, Scott was drugged unconscious (Cho said his file showed he was on antidepressants when he was caught, I assume that was the type of drug?) and wouldn't know who cut his tongue out. So now we have another damn mystery-- what the hell was Scott trying to say? Maybe it was, Red John, Red John. It could have been anything it was so basically unintelligible. And definitely, I thought why his tongue for a rape?? Whatw info did he have that someone wouldn't want him to talk about? Weird. It just got worse not better.


Yea Linus Wagner is the other guy I forgot about who would be an intriguing Red John candidate. I don't think it's LaRoche(too big of a character) or someone who was that high up in power like Minelli or Bertram. For years Red John has been described by those in the hierarchy as behinds the scenes and as the "waldo" type character. Alot of those suspects to me have no shot of being RJ, but I think it still is interesting who the show chose to make a suspect. Brett Partridge is my new favorite for Red John, and he is on Jane's list of the final 7, he definitely has alot of characteristics that would fit an RJ. That said, this choice will probably change 3 times before the end of next season when RJ is revealed. I'm really interested to see how they integrate Lorelei into the season finale as well.


@bw&r: It doesn't say those names will be on the list. What it's referring to is what we saw earlier this season. And Brenda isn't in the season finale, it was referring to Red And Itchy.
All my suspects made the list of 30, with Linus Wagner, LaRoche and Virgil Minelli in the last ten as I guessed. I guess they didn't need this episode to be a prelude for the finale as it's going to be a 60 minute episode.


So I'm still sticking with my idea that RJ was seen in the first 3 seasons from that tweet the writer had, I know no one agrees and we'll just have to see but there's no way anybody with a sense of PR or common sense would put out blatantly wrong information like that especially for a show that's been on the fringe of cancellation.
@Watcher: Yeah, the list has a number of surprising candidates, several I don't remember well at all honestly, many with just one episode appearances. For me, the two that stood out on that list are Brett Patridge and Oswaldo Ardiles. Patridge was second on my list after CBI Ron for a while and Ardiles always was someone I never totally eliminated. Of course, 3/4 of that list will be gone in a week and both could also be off(although Patridge is going to be on the show next week). Btw, the promo for the finale didn't look that suspensful at all, and the fact the show didn't have anything really leading up to the finale makes me believe this finale is going to be rather light on RJ developments.


@BW&R - CBI Ron was my favorite as well. The thing i don't understand is that at least half of those candidates don't fit Rosalind's description or the age range determined in Red Barn. I really hope this list of 7 doesn't ignore all of the information given in prior RJ episodes. It's not like they have given us hundreds of clues to keep track of. It will be rather pathetic if they can't remain consistent with the 2 or 3 pieces of information they have given us.


Btw they just posted the final 10 of the list of red john suspects, no CBI Ron! Damn that was my lead suspect by far, it's not him then, and that is surprising but I'm also really relieved(that would far too predictable and really it would have been pointless, there's no greater message being sent there)


@Entwife: Yeah it was the tongue, actually it was pretty obvious looking back at it, I feel kinda of dumb now. I'm not sure if that was him saying LaRoche, LaRoche at the end, if it was that easy, LaRoche probably would have been charged or at the very least there would be way more suspicion of him and him potentially doing it and rumors starting about it. that was a good way of the show having the box content being revealed, but it raises a couple questions? We know LaRoche will break the law for his best interest, but why the tongue---to keep him from talking? Was there something else he could say that could defame LaRoche or would he be able to convince those of his innocence(remember they said at the beginning there wasn't much evidence for the crime?) They didn't go off that idea any more either which was kind of dissapointing, but I'm surprised there was no lead in this episode to the finale, the RJ story arch must be really light this year, that's too bad.


I don't think he knew who did it. He was drugged. In either case, It made no sense to me to choose his tongue. If someone raped my mother and she ended up dead, if I didn't just kill the guy, I would have chosen a different appendage to cut off.


@bw&r I took it that Laroche had his tongue cut out as revenge for his mother's rape, and that's what's in the tupperware. I think that's what the guy was trying to say at the end, Laroche, Laroche. I don't see why he couldn't have told by writing it down all this time. But I'm assuming that part of the threat to the guy was you don't tell anything, this is how serious we are about how far we'll go. Lisbon was smirking I guess partly at the irony of JJ being an IA guy and doing something like this and also seeming such an unlikely person to have the sort of spine to pull it off. Just early thoughts, haven't had time to digest it all.

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