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-Jane tells LIsbon he's narrowed the list of Red John suspects down to seven but he won't tell her who.


-Eileen Turner is murdered in a motel room by Red John and her baby, Caitlin is stolen. Eileen's real name was Eileen (Leelee) Barlow who Jane knew as a child. He shares a happy memory about Eileen with Lisbon that he says he's never shared with anyone. 


-Eileen's husband, Roddy, and uncle Shawn were enemies. Patrick knows Shawn Barlow.  Barlow tells Jane that Red John is truly psychic. That's how he stays a step ahead of Jane.


-Jane has Roddy and Shawn come to child protective services. Then he informs everyone that Caitlin is at a local hospital. Ms. Gottlieb, the social worker in charge of Eileen's case makes a call on her cell phone. Van Pelt tracks it to a house where they find baby Caitlin, alive and well.


-Ms. Gottlieb was working for Red John. He wanted Eileen dead and if she helped, she could keep the baby.  Ms. Gottlieb gives Jane a disc from Red John, then she kills herself.


-The disc is of Lorelei before she was killed. Red John said he'd spare her great pain if she read this message to Jane.  Red John, through Lorelei tells Jane that he knows he'll narrow down the list to seven suspects and he already knows which ones: Gale Bertram, Brett Stiles, Raymond Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, and Brett Partridge. 


-Red John tells Jane he'll take one of his happy memories and kill it and during the investigation he'll lead him to this disc. He says he's going to start killing again, often. Until Jane catches him or he catches Jane.

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Ok, ask this to see if anybody here thinks that this person could be Glenda Snow in this episode. The same black "woman" in big sunglasses that is close to Jane and Lisbon as they are walking towards Barlow's room is also following Jane and Lisbon as they leave Barlow's place. Now, I know this could just be an extra that they used in both scenes. But I found it suspicious that she (he??) would be in the exact same area before and after Jane and Lisbon talk to Barlow.


I think they have milked the RJ connection to the point it is no longer believable.


Thanks for the clarification @Entwife. Currently watching again. @Feint, your take on what catching Jane would involve is a good one. As for Stiles, that's how I see it too but won't be stunned if we are proved wrong. My initial feeling was that RJ was provoked, though he always likes to upstage Jane.


its in the process of finding Partridge and what to do when they interact and the battle RJ puts up. The show just doesn't have enough potential suspects to really set up this RJ drama as a situation where anybody could be RJ, and from what we've seen in 5 years they have no interest in making RJ a major character or one they've portrayed as sketchy like Kirkland or Hafner, so that leaves them with only a few smaller characters to choose from and once you do that it's more about the process of unraveling through RJ's connection and games and getting to him without him getting to you. 2 other things we really have to see next year: 1) This RJ friend in the FBI. They talked about it in the opener and mentioned it in the 2:30 promo for the finale, but no development on it this year. 2) What Kirkland's plan and end game is. I don't think it's that crazy that RJ knows who Jane's list could be, but I think he relied on info from those in the CBI and FBI big time and I think info from Kirkland could be part of that. Regardless, Kirkland is playing this whole other game and a big part of next season will be figuring out what it is.


One of the major takeaways from that exchange at the end was the "handshake" was a legitimate clue, Red John even admitted as such "calling it a lucky break" and the first one Jane had. That wasn't RJ just playing with Jane, that was something RJ didn't want Jane to know. He was really mad at Lorelei about it, so it was legitimate and it probably drove him to spook Jane the way he did there. Also about who RJ is, I'll say this outright: I really don't think it's going to be a major character they've tried to set up as an RJ suspect or made directly suspicious with RJ activities. It's just not going to be, if there's one thing we've learned from 5 years of this show is what you see isn't what you get. There's alot more to this story than what's been led on, hence the idea of the rule change. I really think it's Partridge, I think the reason the show gave us the list now is because the unpredictability and real story isn't in who RJ is(they know smart fans are thinking Partridge) its in getting to him and seeing what happens when he knows it's Partridge.


@Feint I kinda think Patrick is getting too close to RJ and it's forcing RJ to have to do something. He knows if Jane's coming, a whole lot of law enforcement is coming with him. It won't be fun or pleasant. Patrick is. So he's trying to draw PJ into a trap I'm sure, teach him a lesson. I don't think RJ is doing it just to show off, but I'm sure he can't help making as much of a show of it as he can. What do you think?


Red John catching Jane would mean either Jane breaks down for real, or chooses to join him. I guess Jane's abilities are next only to those of Red John, which is why Red John wants Jane alive. He has a bigger plan, as said in s4 finale. What that could be, I have no idea. The way Red John talks(as in, the messages he sends) reminds me of Bret Stiles. Of all the people in the list, Stiles is pretty much the only one that looks good for it. Do you think Red John is provoked/angered by Jane getting close, or is this just him showing off his powers?


Lorelei actually says "catch you or you catch me," rather than hunt I think. Does that make much difference?

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jane: If I tell you why I won't tell you you'll get mad at me.
Lisbon: I'm already mad at you.

Jane: This is Red John.
Lisbon: How can you tell?
Jane: Because when it's him I can feel it.