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The Office is functioning well without a supervisor, but that didn't last long.  Jo offers the position of Acting Manager to Jim, but he turns it down.  When Dwight then accepts the position, the office gets turned upside down.

Dwight installs punch cards, removes the food from the vending machines, and charges fifty cents for coffee in the break room.  After accidentally firing his gun off in the office, everyone black mails him into doing things for them.  Instead of pandering to all the employees, Dwight admits his fault to Jo, and she relieves him of his duty.

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I totally agree with Danny. It was phenomenal!


OUT-(censored)-STANDING!!! Steve who? Who? Unlike most of the haters online Will Ferrell's guest performance was very enjoyable. This episode however, was just simply OUTSTANDING!! Lead by the Jim/Dwight rivalry and complemented by every actor playing to their strengths. Even the newer cast members stood out (Kelly, Gab, Andie) as though they always belonged with the originals. Ofcourse the writers should take the ultimate credit for some really robust gags and scenarios. Won't spoil it by giving away the gags, but it was just a hilarious episode. Perhaps the creators had know Carrel was out the door for a lot longer than they let on? Every character had some gems during the episode. Laying some ground work for storylines which will be interesting to watch develop. It was appropriate that a guest star (Will) had made a movie called the other guys, about the supposed little people or worker bees. This episode showed that The Office is really about the other guys. Bonus turn ons included Jenna's crossed legs and hearing Angela's frustrated cries. Brilliant!

The Office Season 7 Episode 23 Quotes

Gabe: Andy do you like being alone with me right now?
Andy: No, this is horrifying.
Gabe: I don't like being alone with me either.

Are you still in love with Erin? Because I am. I need to get her back. I can't be alone anymore.