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The Vampire Diaries kicks off season three with a party for Elena's 18th birthday. What went down?

  • Stefan is traveling around with Klaus, killing people. Klaus wants to build an army of werewolf/vampire hybrids and tracks down his first guinea pig, Ray Sutton.
  • Damon tells Elena to let go of the murderous Stefan, who calls her at the end of the episode and says nothing, but lets us know part of him is still good inside.
  • There is still sexual tension between Damon and Elena, but shows little sign of being acted upon.
  • Jeremy is being haunted by his dead exes. Matt is his BFF now and will soon be his partner in crime.
  • Caroline and Tyler have smoldering hot sex. Then his mom shoots her with some sort of tranquilizer.
  • Alaric is a bit of a lost soul at the moment.
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Poor Stefan, he's like a monster. I hope he will come back as Stefan the gentle.


How can you rate an episode that you haven't even seen yet? Crazy.


elena's unecided btwn damon n stephan.i'd lyk 2 c elijah back in action.


So shes having a party after she loses her boyfriend?


@sarahliz you are wrong He looks better without anything!!!!!!!!


Love Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerhaide) yes


my mother in law is in love with damon


I certainly cant wait to watch delenaz bromance


xcitedly waitin 4 the 3 season 2 kick off.... though i'll be gettin it downloaded 4m net... can't wait.... hungry 4 nxt bite....


It is awesome and I love Damon's shirt. He looks good in any color :)

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

It's your party. You can cry if you want to.


Hello, brother.