On Royal Pains this week, Divya treats a conductor whose passion may be contributing to his illness, while Hank treats the father of a former patient. How did things pain out?
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Lacey, Danny, and Jo take a trip to Connecticut to see whose apartment the creepy letter came from. Read our review of this week's Twisted!
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Suits returned this week with its Season 3 premiere, as Mike struggled to make amends with Harvey and the associates attempted to navigate the new merger. How did our legal eagles fair? Read our review of "The Arrangement" now!
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After her fight with Savi on Mistresses, Joss moves in with April who is having trouble getting past memories of her late husband. Dominic and Harry confront one another at a social function.
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On Teen Wolf this week: After saving Dr. Deaton from the hands of Deucalion, Scott learns for certain he is a true alpha and the true target of Deucalion.
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Steve: Go get um Professor Plum.
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