Briggs goes on the lam and Charlie gets too close to Jangles. But how did the exciting first season of Graceland end? Read our review of "Pawn" now to find out!
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On Rizzoli & Isles this week, Jane and Casey may have to choose between their personal and professional lives, while Maura must decide how to deal with her newly paroled grandfather Read on for a rundown of "Partners in Crime."
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On Suits, with Darby out of the picture, Harvey and Jessica have to pick up the pieces, but will they be harder to recover than they thought? Read our review of "Bad Faith" now to find out!
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On the Mistresses season finale, April makes decisions about the men in her life while Karen and Elizabeth Grey have a final showdown and Savi's birthday celebration in Palm Springs uncovers some surprises.
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In part one of The Newsroom's two-part season finale, after Leona refuses to accept their resignations, the ACN team proceeds with election night coverage. Will appoints himself in charge of morale as Charlie and Mac beg to be fired.
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