The Simpsons Review: "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed"

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We can't even count the number of times that Ned Flanders have given up on saving Homer for the past 21 seasons, but this week the recurring theme served for the premise of "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed."

After ruining Flanders' bible study group with a little innocent naked slip-and-slide, Reverend Lovejoy encouraged Ned to invite Homer and family to the holy land, Israel, to try and save our favorite buffoon's soul.

Sacha Baron Cohen on The Simpsons

Upon arriving, we met, Jacob (voiced by guest star Sacha Baron Cohen), who unfortunately kind of ruined the episode for us.  We're huge Cohen fans, but this character's one-note joke of being a pushy, obnoxious Israeli was simply not funny.

The rest of the crew on the trip, that included Dr. Hibbert and Krusty the Klown, provided plenty of laughs.  Some of our favorite highlights from this episode which poked fun at all religions were:

  • Bart's offensive, yet hilarious line after reading papers shoved in the Wailing Wall: "Reading prayers and ignoring them, just like God."
  • Krusty, upon discovering there's no Hell in Judaism, heads to "The Gaza Strip Club."
  • Bart telling the Israeli girl she doesn't find like a girl, or even a Milhouse.  "I don't know what is Milhouse?"
  • Homer calling a camel, "a sand horse, car of the desert"
  • Homer ordering a falafel with pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese.
  • "Some of us don't eat pork, some of us don't eat shellfish, but we all of us love chicken."

It's really a shame the over-the-top Cohen, who's usually hit or miss, almost ruined an otherwise funny and sweet episode of The Simpsons.  The impressive part about this show to me is the heart the show continues to show no matter how long it's been on the air.

It manages to combine jokes, while still showing positive messages such as Homer showing genuine care after Flanders, his supposed enemy, takes off into the dessert.  Or even Homer's positive message of re-uniting all faiths.

Our favorite of The Simpsons quotes from the episode after the jump.  Please let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.  We're genuinely curious.

Ned: Our bible study group is going to the holy land next month. I'd like to take you and your family along as my guests.
Homer: Hmm, let me think. Take my family to a war zone on a bus filled with religious lameos in a country with no pork in a desert with no casinos. Where do I sign up?
Marge: Homer, I can hear your sarcasm from inside the house and the dishwasher is on. | permalink
Marge: This country is so historic, for all we know Jesus could have given a talk in conference room C. | permalink
Reverend Lovejoy: God has never given up on anyone
Ned: What about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Reverend Lovejoy: He lovingly destroyed them. | permalink
Marge: Homie, you're alive.
Homer: I am more than alive, woman. I am the chosen one, who shall unite all the faiths of the holy land. I am the messiah.
Marge: But you still have the passports right?
Homer: Oh yeah, gotta keep track of those. THE MESSIAH! has the passports. | permalink
Jacob: What? Israel people are pushy? How about you experience a few genocides and see how laid back you are. We were perished from Spain. Thrown out of there. They allow everyone in Spain. But for us, Jews, no flamenco, get out. I'm pushy? Please. You stay there surrounded by your great enemy Canada. Try sitting here for two months, then we'll see who's pushy. | permalink

The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed Review

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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 16 Quotes

Reverend Lovejoy: God has never given up on anyone
Ned: What about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Reverend Lovejoy: He lovingly destroyed them.

Ned: Now let us download the holy tweet of the Lord.
Agnes: Stop making this relatable!
Jimbo: Hey, as a youth if I don't hear a computer word every couple sentences, I am out of here.