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When Homer ruins Ned's bible study group, Reverend Lovejoy convinces Ned that Homer can still be saved and that he should invite the Simpsons along for their bible study trip to the holy land, Israel.  Ned invites them and Marge accepts on behalf of the Simpsons.

They arrive and follow around their obnoxious tour guide, Jacob (Sacha Baron Cohen).  Bart manages to get into a fight with Jacob's niece and loses to her Krav Maga training.  Meanwhile, Homer falls asleep on the "tomb of the unknown savior," angering Flanders to the point of getting Flanders kicked out of his most sacred place.

Flanders storms off, and Homer thinks he follows him out to the dessert, only to get lost himself.  Marge and an Israeli soldier end up finding Homer and during his passing out from dehydration, he believes he's the Messiah.  After escaping from Dr. Hubbert's care, Homer takes off to the Dome of the Rock to try and re-unite all faiths.  Ned is proud to have saved Homer and they manage to get him to come home.

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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 16 Quotes

Reverend Lovejoy: God has never given up on anyone
Ned: What about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Reverend Lovejoy: He lovingly destroyed them.

Ned: Now let us download the holy tweet of the Lord.
Agnes: Stop making this relatable!
Jimbo: Hey, as a youth if I don't hear a computer word every couple sentences, I am out of here.