The Simpsons Season Premiere Review: "Elementary School Musical"

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Last night The Simpsons made its heavily promoted season 22 premiere complete with the cast of Glee lending its voices to several of Lisa's fellow performing arts campers.  So what did we think of the cleverly titled "Elementary School Musical?"

Glee on The Simpsons

After being on the air already for twenty one seasons, we have to accept the show for what it is.  It's not going to break any new ground, but we do get to hang out with some of our favorite citizens of Springfield every week.  So to be honest, we're probably going to be too generous with this show.

We do have to say, as non-Gleeks, we thought the cast was kind of terrible in the episode.  The song they were given to sing was as awful as any of their lines.  We're not necessarily blaming the beloved Glee cast, but mostly the Simpsons writers in this stunt casting.

However, as huge Flight of the Conchords fans, we actually loved Bret and Jemaine doing what they do best last night: playing characterized versions of themselves.  Unlike the Glee kids, our favorite duo from New Zealand were given decent songs and some pretty great lines.

To us, the A story of Lisa going to camp was fun despite some of the shortcomings from the stunt casting.  Luckily the cute moments at the end and a great performance by a folk band kept the episode entertaining.  Unfortunately, Homer and Bart heading with Krusty to supposedly accept his Nobel Peace Prize was more miss than hit for us.

Our favorite of The Simpsons quotes from the premiere are after the jump.

Lisa: One night we spoke only in lines from famous poems.
Grampa: Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.
Lisa: Emily Dickson!?
Grampa: No, I was just describing my day. | permalink
Marge: I don't wanna get stuck behind the joggers from the fat camp. | permalink
Bret: In a way I think we learned more from her than she learned from us.
Jemaine: Well obviously. Because we taught her nothing. | permalink
Krusty: The arctic circle, or as I long to call it, my wife's side of the bed. For the purposes of that joke I'm married. | permalink
Lisa: Quiet. It's time for the noblest Nobel Prize of all.. the Peace Prize.
Homer: I would kill for that! | permalink

Elementary School Musical Review

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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 1 Quotes

Lisa: Quiet. It's time for the noblest Nobel Prize of all.. the Peace Prize.
Homer: I would kill for that!

Homer: It's 4 am, you kids should have been in bed a half hour ago.
Lisa: We're watching the Nobel Prize announcement lives from Stockholm.
Homer: Ooh, the Nobies.