Modern Family Review: Phil's Got Gloria!

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It had been too long time since the Dunphys and the Pritchetts came together, hadn't it?

So while "Princess Party" wasn't the funniest episode of the season, it was a welcome opportunity to see various characters interact, if only briefly, awkwardly and, for Gloria and Dede, violently.

Matt Dillon on Modern Family

For the second consecutive week, the sitcom brought back significant references to season one. We had the return of Clive and Juliana last Wednesday, followed by this episode's use of Fizbo. I never thought I'd say this after last year's classic, clown-centered installment, but I was happy Cameron's creation never made a full appearance on "Princess Party."

It would have felt a bit too much like Modern Family trying to copy itself. There's a difference between continuity and repetitiveness and the show seemed aware of this.

I did, however, crack up at Phil once again breaking up a fight involving Gloria and Dede by exclaiming "I've got Gloria! I've got Gloria!" If Claire herself wasn't so gorgeous, perhaps she'd get upset over her husband's overt, hilarious crush on his step mother-in-law.

Other moments worth mentioning:

  • The multiple references to Phil's cheesy hands. Just use a knife next time, man.
  • Alex playing the Jaws theme on her cello when Dede first entered.
  • Cashmere, it's timeless!
  • The answering machine flashback. You knew exactly where that scene was going, yet I question anyone who didn't laugh at Jay's exasperation in it.

I don't have much to say Matt Dillon as a guest star. Was a bit over-the-top as a character for my taste. Below, I've listed my favorite Modern Family quotes from the episode. Did I miss any?

Mitchell: Well, if the shoe fits...
Cam: They don't, they're comically large. | permalink
Haley: Dad, gross, your hand smells like cheese.
Phil: I didn't want to dirty a knife. | permalink
Phil: All those joke emails she forwarded to me months after I'd seen them? Well, no more polite LOLs for YOU, Dede. | permalink
Manny: Baby Bear's a girl? We have to do it over! I would have played it totally different.
Jay: You nailed it. | permalink
Mitchell: I guess you don't respect party themes.
Cam: You did NOT just say that. | permalink
Dede: Robbie could charm your socks off, but I doubt he stopped there. | permalink

Princess Party Review

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

I've got Gloria! I've got Gloria!


Robbie could charm your socks off, but I doubt he stopped there.