The Simpsons Review: "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony"

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I'm normally a fan of The Simpsons bit where Selma gets married and divorced in an episode.  Heck, her marriages to  Sideshow Bob and Troy McClure were some of my favorite classic Simpsons episode.

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Unfortunately, Marge's sister's latest failed marriage to Fat Tony just couldn't meet the high standards set by its predecessors.  While the episode started off with a quality bit at the DMV, "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony" quickly went downhill from there.

While I'm usually a fan of the mob boss jokes that Fat Tony's appearances bring, they've pretty much been beaten to death by this show.  Plus, this has been the second weak Fat Tony episode this season after the terrible "Donnie Fatso."  Maybe it's time to retire this character from headlining episodes until the writers come up with a story worthy of telling.

For whatever reason, The Simpsons also decided to turn the episode into a mediocre Jersey Shore parody a year too late with jokes far too weak compared to other animated efforts by South Park.  Luckily we only got parodies of the characters and didn't have to waste the money slash inflate the egos of the Sitch and crew.

Meanwhile, hanging out in the B story, Lisa and Bart did a little truffle hunting using Bart's apparent man-pig skills.  Unfortunately, the B story didn't tie in at all with the main storyline, despite my hope when an Italian restaurant was involved.

Overall, it was a sub-par episode for The Simpsons, even with my lowered standards for this show compare to the glory days.   Anyways, before I get any more negative about the show, I'll leave you with my favorite Simpsons quotes from the episode!

Louie: We had a safe full of gold and it didn't ride that low. | permalink
Bart: Only you can make tree poop boring. | permalink
Fat Tony: Call that doctor that owes us a favor.
Louise: Actually we owe him a favor
Fat Tony: Do him two favors and then remind him that he owes us a favor. | permalink
Comic Book Guy: How do you know the bride?
Marge: I'm her sister, you?
Comic Book Guy: I bought her ping pong table off cragislist. Color yourself slighted. | permalink
Marge: He's mad about a sport result.
Homer: Lousy St. Louis Cardinals can't win the 1985 World Series on classic sports. | permalink
Tushy: Every light in the house is a tanning light.
Marge: Can you read by it?
Tushy: No one's ever tried. | permalink

The Real Housewives of Fat Tony Review

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