Family Guy Review: Don't Mention the Internet

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Well, Family Guy turned in an episode with "Call Girl" that was kind of disturbing for how its characters acted, but at least there was a complexity to the situations that made things interesting.

Lois' New Look

The intriguing plot line here was Peter cheating on Lois.

How it got there was bit crazy, though, as it started with a birdhouse modeled after the governor's mansion on Benson, which lead to Peter owning a falcon... then getting sued for stealing someone's motorcycle with the falcon... and then Lois winding up with a job as a phone sex operator. Thankfully, they did make a joke about how out of touch with, well, the Internet, that is. It was a circuitous path to get Peter to call Lois on this phone sex line, but they get there.

Now, I found it kind of silly that no one at all was able to tell that it was Lois on the other end of the phone at all, because duh. Then again, it's a fairly common trick that Seth MacFarlane shows pull: see American Dad in particular with Roger's numerous disguises.

Even further so, when Peter couldn't recognize his own wife's voice or her face with a wig on, it just seemed ridiculous to an extreme. Sure, he claims that he felt deep down like deep down it was his soulmate, that maybe it was her, but was kinda sketchy.

Like I said, however, it was at least interesting. Peter certainly had intentions of cheating on Lois, and he did have sex with a woman that he didn't think was Lois, yet it was actually her. It's kind of complicated. And while it did seem to bring them back together after Lois was uninterested in Peter - thanks to  her phone sex job - remember that Lois had to get that job in the first place thanks to Peter.

It doesn't reflect well on them, but they've certainly cheated on each other before...with Bill Clinton. Their relationship is rocky at this point, and if it took Peter cheating on Lois with Lois to get them back in their good graces, then, hey, whatever floats their boat. 

The situation at least was surprisingly complex for the series, and left a better taste in my mouth than some of this season's episodes, which have just featured an unrelenting misanthropic darkness at times without any of the redeeming qualities that this one had. Having something to think about is welcome!

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Call Girl Review

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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Peter: Hey Lois, let's go outside and see if we can find some great tits! 'Cause there certainly ain't any in here!
Chris: Remember those two we saw last night? One was bigger than the other!

Peter: Well, I'll be on the lookout for great tits.
Lois: Peter!
Brian: Well actually Lois, that's a species of bird that's been known to frequent domestic birdhouses.