Supernatural Review: Brotherhood of the Wolf

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Garth’s always been an odd character, but one I liked on Supernatural. And as much as some Winchester brooding can be a good thing, Garth’s unique sensibilities as a hunter and general goofiness brought a little light-heartedness to the series.

Which is why I’m still a little confused that Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12 decided that Garth should be a werewolf.

Not only had Garth been away from Sam and Dean without contact, but he got married, settled down with a spiritual group and, oh, was bitten and turned.

Really? Did he also fill out his online werewolf dating profile with “enjoys full moonlight strolls, is always hungry like the wolf, and silver just isn’t my color”?

I understand that putting Garth down a path that seemed more inevitable with him taking a silver bullet than coming back is important when it comes to Sam and Dean. It doesn’t have to be that dark ending no matter how dire the circumstances.

Even the reverend’s comments about revenge were fitting for Dean who is bent on making up for Kevin’s death.

At the same time, the concept of the black and white issue about monsters has been discussed before. Yes, not all monsters are bad.

It really wasn’t a surprise that Sam and Dean were suspicious of the werewolf pack that Garth had joined, but I appreciated that they acknowledged they’ve dealt with “good” monsters before.

The concept of Ragnarok, werewolf domination and non-bitten werewolves was interesting, but I’m sure that will only really last just for this episode. And it’s going to be tough to eat pie after that “dinner” scene filled with dripping red meat.

But did Garth have to be the werewolf to get the points across to Dean and Sam? Maybe that more personal touch was important, but couldn’t it have been a different character?

There just felt something off about it, and Garth even seemed less quirky and funny then he usually acts. He seemed like a much quieter version, still with the big heart but without the antics.

At least he was able to bro hug with Dean at the end of the ordeal. He is still a good guy no matter how much extra hair he can end up growing.

So, while I expected a little more out of the case of the week, it was the Sam and Dean aspects of the hour that were the strongest.

From the initial reuniting and being upfront about Gadreel’s leftover grace and Dean’s mark of Cain, I was pleased to see the brothers at least talking. They seemed more open even if it was about the work itself.

And that’s what I love seeing, the two of them working together in a unison that feels powerful. They are a great team.

However, they’ve still got issues when it comes to the family relationship.

That final moment was the most significant for me for the hour as the two came to the inevitable end of episode conversation. The discussion about messing up and working together seemed to be on the right track, and I figured Sam would just agree, then cut to credits.

But the scene went a step further, really hitting at the Winchester issues. The two aren’t on the same page or even on the same thought process as they were seasons ago. Even Dean’s go to about family and Sam questioning the comment about being a cure-all hit an emotional chord.

These two are broken as brothers and it’s going to take a lot to get them back, if they even can, to being on the same page again. I want them to be brothers, and I hope Sam and Dean can find that way to make it all better.

While I'm more mixed on the Garth and his werewolf gang parts of the episode, the Sam and Dean pieces were impactfully important in propelling them back together, albeit in a working relationship and hopefully working to fix the brother relationship too. It's not the happy ending or fix, but with plenty of road left on the Winchester journey, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends up.

What did you think of Garth's return?

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