The Simpsons Review: Cinema Pirate-diso

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In a great return to form, the show took on movie piracy as only The Simpsons can this week.

The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 9 featured a number of guest voice stars, and normally celebrity cameos mean the installment is trying to hide deficiencies in the storyline.

However, this time the stars were an essential part of the plot, so it made sense to trot out Judd Apatow and his usual crew of actors (Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann). Along with Channing Tatum as well.

Seth Rogen on The Simpsons

In essence, the episode really played to the show's strengths. For example, Homer is always behind the times and, once he's caught up, he can't help but take his new hobbies too far.

Which was hilariously presented tonight when Homer opened his "Cinema Pirate-diso" in the backyard. And isn't it fun to see how The Simpsons attack the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry?

The extremity of people's responses to Homer's crime (from Hollywood executives to FBI agents and even hardened criminals) perfectly satirizes the issue. One of the more amusing gags of the evening was the hard-boiled FBI agent aggressively pursuing Homer despite the other more serious crimes the FBI should be investigating.

On top of the amusing storyline, the show had a number of hilarious The Simpsons Quotes (so many I couldn't catch them all) and even greater sight gag about the train wreck that was Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III.

If only there was a way to retcon those episodes out of existence...*sigh*

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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 9 Quotes

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Homer: Wait, you guys saw the new Radioactive man sequel?
Carl: Uh, it's not sequel,it's a reboot.
Lenny: Actually, this one undoes the stuff from the last one, so it's a deboot.