Arrow: Why Oliver and Sara are Perfect for Each Other

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Should Oliver Queen and Sara Lance have a shipper name?

Maybe not, since there doesn't seem to be much support for their re-ignited romantic relationship. Olicity fans went crazy when Oliver and Sara hooked up, but should they really be concerned? I don't think so.

It may be a controversial point of view, but the writers made the right decision to have Oliver and Sara get back together. They share a history and a current state of mind that only the two of them understand. After years of emotional isolation, both Oliver and Sara have found their match. 

Oliver was a playboy before he went missing. He was a commitment-phobe who cheated on Laurel when she was ready to take the next step in their relationship. While she was looking at apartments, he was sleeping with her sister. Ouch! He wasn't a good guy. The island changed him in many ways.

When Oliver 2.0 arrived back from the dead, he was different. In Arrow season 1, there wasn't any indication that he found romance while on the island. He returned with complicated feelings for Laurel. He will always love her, but was he still "in love" with her? Probably not. Instead, his feelings came from a place of immense guilt over what happened, while trying to re-assimilate back into his life.

Oliver's playboy ways didn't entirely go away. He had a revolving door of women, which included Laurel for a short time. As Oliver's dedication to being Arrow progressed, his willingness to have a real relationship waned. In Arrow season 2 episode 6, this new Oliver was out in the open.

Oliver had a fun, one-night stand with Isabel Rochev. He satisfied his needs with no strings attached. Oliver wasn't in position to be in a relationship. As Arrow, he put his life in danger on a regular basis, but anyone he was involved with was also put at risk. He wasn't willing to do that.

In a touching moment, Oliver told Felicity that, "Because of the life I lead, I just think it's better to not be with someone that I could really care about." He couldn't let emotions get in the way of his work. He needed Felicity by his side, just not in a romantic way. It would muddy the waters too much.

Why is Sara different? As much as Felicity is a key member of Team Arrow, she's not Sara. She's not Black Canary. Sara's able to physically protect herself and is an equal to Oliver in that respect. On the street, he doesn't have to worry about saving her, but instead helping her get the job done.

And, perhaps even more important at this time in Oliver's life, Sara understands what he has been through in a way that no one else can. They were on the Queen's Gambit together. They suffered on the island together. And, they have a history and connection that isn't even close to one he has with anyone else.

Oliver and Sara of today are not the Oliver and Sara that hooked up on the Queen's Gambit behind Laurel's back. Their emotional, physical, and historical connection is unrivaled. After years of emotional isolation, they can lean on each other. Viewers should be happy to see that Oliver finally has someone by his side like Sara.

Now that Slade has returned to Starling City, Oliver is going to need Sara even more than ever. I, for one, am glad that she's by his side. Oliver and Slade will fight a battle full of emotion, betrayal, and will.

Oliver and Sara are perfect for each other in the right now. Down the line, perhaps Oliver can open his heart and allow his emotions to guide him. When that happens, will Felicity still be waiting?

Who should Oliver be with?

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