The Simpsons: Watch Season 25 Episode 19 Online

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The fourth grade is made to take art classes, and Bart hates his new art teacher. Bart tries to get rid of his art teacher by giving her a voodoo curse, but she ends up getting pregnant in The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 19.

Word of Bart's strange ability travels throughout Springfield, and soon infertile couples are coming to Bart for help. Then, Fat Tony kidnaps Bart and Homer so that Bart can make his prize-winning racehorses mate.

Unfortunately, his male horse is gay and the female is more interested in a Duff beer mascot by the name of Sudsy. Watch The Simpsons online to see how Bart and Homer trick Fat Tony.


The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 19 Quotes

A minute of fun a lifetime of work. I've never heard of a pregnancy like this.


Do you know how embarrassed I was to get a call at my arraignment for my behavior during the pub crawl because of a voodoo curse my son placed on his art teacher?