The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Diary of a Mad Indian Woman

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Danny, Danny, Danny. Don't you know that you shouldn't read a woman's diary? 

On The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 8, Danny discovered a very pressing secret in Mindy's diary that could potentially pose a happy or not-so-happy ending for our favorite couple. 

Before I get to Danny's revelation, let's start with Mindy's teaching skills. 

It obviously isn't a natural thing to see Mindy try to impart wisdom on other upcoming doctors. She tried her best, and even succeeded, mostly by accident, but she succeeded as a mentor nonetheless. 

Hi my name is Dr. Lahiri and I am your real teacher. Let me asure you, this will not be one of those situations where I end up learning more from you.


One of the funnier moments of those scenes was Peter's role. He didn't have to be there, but his idea of whispering commentary about the interns was an added bonus. 

While Mindy was at the hospital, we had the pleasure of seeing Danny explore Mindy's apartment. He made a fuss about the shampoo, which was a pretty solid argument, why can't there just be regular shampoo? But, more importantly he found Mindy's diary. 

I enjoyed hearing the little bits of Mindy and Danny's first meetings, no matter how brief, and even listening to more commentary from their epic plane kiss in The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 14.

Of course, the needless snooping couldn't last long, when Morgan caused an accidental wine spill on said diary. Luckily, Jeremy is a master calligrapher and helped with the issue.

No, I won't do it. When I got my caligraphic's license, I sweared I would only use it for good.


I liked seeing Danny, Morgan, and Jeremy working together for the diary. It was a fun mix, but it also got some scenes for the popular bromance of Danny and Morgan, which has not been around as much this season. 

I did have a continuity nit-pick when Mindy said popped in and said she had never been in Jeremy's office before. Was it not last week on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7 that Mindy went to Jeremy for advice about Jeremy? Ok, it's nit-picky, but it bugged me. 

Back to Mindy's diary. When it was revealed, via diary, that Mindy wanted to be engaged by Christmas, I was on the side of Jeremy because even though Danny and Mindy have only been dating for months, they have known each other for years, which may put a different perspective in Mindy's brain.

He obviously forgot that he was dating Mindy Lahiri, seeing as she has talked countless times of wanting to be married with children. 

When Danny went to his mother for advice, I was both for and against what she said. I didn't want Mindy and Danny break up, but I also didn't want Danny to string poor Mindy along.

She wants me to propose by Christmas. That's not right. It's too much pressure on the Lord's birthday.


When Danny finally somewhat confronted Mindy about a timeline pressure, I, first, thought he was going to selfishly break up with her again and, second, I actually thought Danny would stay gone after he left her apartment. 

Thank goodness, Danny came to some sense to turn around and stay at Mindy's. My only hope is that the Christmas proposal timeline doesn't become an issue for Danny and Mindy; mostly Danny. 

Should Danny tell Mindy that he knows about her timeline? Should Mindy stick to being a doctor rather than mentoring new ones?

If you need to catch up on what has been going on this season, make sure you watch The Mindy Project online via TV Fanatic from the beginning. 

Diary of a Mad Indian Woman Review

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