Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Fresh Meat

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Leave it to a total stranger to say to Aria what everyone else is thinking:

Wow you're a really good liar.

I did an observational count in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 15 and realized that each one of the girls lies on average 1-2 times an episode – at least.

Granted the title of the show is Pretty Little Liars, but the lies are getting worse and worse. How do they expect to come out on top of this thing and get away from A if they keep participating in the charade of lying?

The truth of it all: there is no right thing to do. Caleb was right when he was discussing things with Spencer and Toby after Toby found that knife.

There is no right thing! It's either by the book or save our ass.


That scene when Toby was telling Spencer she was making it worse really had me questioning what position Toby might be in. Didn't it seem like he was wearing a wire or being followed? Why wouldn't he be able to hear all of Spencer's venting? His hands seem tied.

We all know that knife was planted there to back the liars into a corner. It definitely worked and this is just the beginning. Sometimes things just get too predictable though. For instance, it was so obvious that Caleb was going to get locked into that kiln and almost burnt to death.

Something that I did not predict was Ashley Marin and Jason D acting out scenes from J. Lo's new movie! I want to say this was totally done to cross promote, but this was written and filmed months ago. I guess people can always count on some hot cougar sex to be relevant in the media!

What did you guys think of that hook up? Didn't he hook up with one of the liars? I should remember which one, but I don't even think A itself can keep track of everything that's happened on this show.

So did we get any further with A this week? Let's all think about the knife. Also, there was something Ali said when Hanna visited her that stuck with me. She said her dad lied for her even though he knew she wasn't home. Why would Mr. D lie?

I'm firmly of the belief that Ali didn't kill Mona. However, Ali probably does deserve to be in jail for about 50 other reasons.

Alison: If I was A, why would I let this happen to me?
Hanna: I don't know. But I do know that if you are A, you're counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about what happens to you. And you shouldn't.

I'm proud of Hanna for that one. Hanna and Caleb do not mess around with their relationship. They tell each other everything, no matter what and I respect it.

Also Hanna has become a lot braver in the past years since A started bullying them. Granted sometimes it takes her to some really creepy a trailer park where a guy is slicing up organs and Holbrook's dad assumes that she is Ali.

Oh Holbrook, where are you!?

I wish some of Hanna's bravery would rub off on Aria. She knows that A is messing with her getting in to college and I simply CANNOT believe she sent that note to Jackie. That is asking for her relationship to be messed with. I know she wants to get into college, but adding more lies to mix was the dumbest idea.

Emily was at least thinking clearly when it came to Aria's future and trying to help her. Too bad Em is a bit frazzled right now when it comes to her own life. I bet Paige will be back though. Marlene King said that this wasn't goodbye for Paige.

So who do you think sent Ali that note in jail?

Write in in the comments and feel free to refresh your memory and watch Pretty Little Liars online anytime! 

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16 is titled "Over a Barrel" and it will air on Tuesday, January 20.

Fresh Meat Review

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The rest of you are gonna be waltzing off to sorority rush and I'm gonna be stuck picking up garbage in Rosewood. Yeah that'll be me, dodging A messages and wearing a big floppy hat to cover my bald spot.


Holbrook's not that bad of a cop, just a bad kisser.