The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Bonnie Bennett is BACK!

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We laid Liz Forbes to rest on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15. There was much weeping. Much. And then we squealed with glee when Bonnie managed to bust out of the prison world!

The Vampire Diaries is on a little break, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything to discuss.

Join Crissy Calhoun from Love You To Death and Paul Dailly and Miranda Wicker from TV Fanatic by jumping into the comments below with your answers to this week's Round Table questions!

Vampire Diaries RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Let Her Go?"

Crissy: Well, I completely lost it during Liz's funeral — the final call for Sheriff Forbes, Caroline singing. Biggest cryfest of 2015. Julie Plec is great at destroying me. Loved it.

Paul: Caroline breaking Elena's neck. I never saw that coming, but Caroline just needed a break after listening to her make out that she doesn't need to switch off her humanity. Caroline knew she was being way too much of a hypocrite. Can her neck be broken for a few weeks please?

Miranda: I think I'm crying again right now just thinking about the final call for Sheriff Forbes. That. Was. Brutal. And beautiful. Brutaful.

How do you feel about Caroline turning off her humanity?

Crissy: Jury is out. The show has been really great at making her vampire journey distinct from Elena's, so when she says it'll be different for her than it was Elena, I believe her/the writers. So "Dark Caroline" could be interesting.... And I did not see that neck snap coming.

Paul: I'm excited. We've never really saw her going evil before. She's generally quite a nice person, so this will be very interesting to see. 

Miranda: So long as she acts like an actual vampire and not a super control freak for whom turning off her humanity is just no big deal, I'm totally down. I love it when the vampires go full-on vampire on this show so let's let the girl live a little.

What does Kai want with the Gemini coven magic?

Crissy: World domination? The power to make Zima a thing again? Maybe I am being naive here, but I believed that he took Jo's magic because otherwise they were all RIP. 

Paul: I think he is just a power hungry individual, not much different from Klaus. He wants all of the power in Mystic Falls, but what will he do with it? Can his body hold all the power now that he's merged?

Miranda: He totally took Jo's magic so he wouldn't die, but I just...what's his endgame? Did he want to have all the power because he never had power of his own and his parents thought he was an abomination? I mean, I'm good with that. I just kind of hope we take this story somewhere because I've enjoyed it.

Better twist: Jo is pregnant, Jo and Alaric are engaged or Mama Salvatore is in a prison world?

Crissy: Twist-wise, Mama Salvatore! Thank-god-something-good-is-happening: the engagement. 

Paul: Jo is pregnant. The fact that Damon mentioned his mother for the first time in like 4 seasons last week made it a tad obvious she'd be coming into the fold. I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

Miranda: The jury is out on the Jo is pregnant story for me since we've done that on The Originals. I love that Jo and Alaric are in love and he's taking a stab at a normal life. So Mama Salvatore wins for best twist. I didn't see it coming even with Damon's mentions of her last week.

Bonnie Bennett is BACK! React:

Crissy: Hallelujah, praises be, thanks the gods. I love the pure TVD timing of it — Jer's gone, Liz is dead, Care's going dark — but before Bonnie realizes what she's come back to, there's no taking away the pure joy of that Damon-BonBon reunion. Best.

Paul: About freaking time. I thought she'd never get back after how long she was away. I must comment on the journey she took before arriving home. It was so cool seeing the Northern Lights.

Miranda: Ah! The best! I was kind of miffed that her return was sort of shoe-horned into the funeral episode but now that I've had some time to sit with it, I really love that they just...did it. She's just back. And the first person she wanted to see was Damon. Awww!

We won't see our vampire friends again until March 12th when Caroline explores a humanity-less existence on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16, but you can watch The Vampire Diaries online to relive all the best moments in the meantime.

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