Arrow Sneak Peek: New Photos of Diggle Fully Suited Up!

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New photos were released today of Diggle fully suited in his costume.

You can see his new Arrow Season 4 look from head to toe, and I'm still not upset by it despite any similarity to Magneto. Doesn't everybody who wears a disguise look kind of similar to someone else? 

Yes, a helmet might seem unwieldy, but it can also be rather practical and certainly provides a lot more protection and identity concealment that other Team Arrow members are sporting.

Diggle Minus Helmet - Arrow
Diggle Fully Suited - Arrow

The small openings in the helmet make it very difficult to see his face, far more difficult to positivity identify him than it would Oliver under Arrow's hood or Laurel under Black Canary's tiny Halloween mask, for example.

Additionally, for as often as they're on motorcycles, he doesn't have to be taking a helmet on and off and repositioning another piece of his costume. It's ride and wear apparel. Smart! It's probably bullet repellent, meaning he can take a shot to the head (not to mention anybody's right or left jab).

When Diggle takes off the leather jacket and helmet, he appears to be well stocked with tactical gear including a utility belt, various pockets for ammunition, a holster and some well worn combat boots.

Is the costume wearing the man or the man wearing the costume? I think think it's the latter, as this new set of photos prove. Allow John Diggle prove he can handle the weight of his new disguise!

Arrow returns to The CW on Wed., Oct. 7. You can watch Arrow online if you need a refresher on all things Star City!

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