Nashville Season 4 Episode 3 Review: How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

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What is it about life support storylines that always bring on the tears?

Honestly, if you weren't sobbing during the last few minutes of Nashville Season 4 Episode 3, you might have a heart of stone. Seriously, get that checked out.

Warning! Spoilers about Beverly's fate below!

Luke Performs - Nashville

Ladies and gentlemen, Beverly has left the building.

In what has been possibly the most raw and emotional episode in the history of this show, Scarlett made the heartbreaking choice to let her brain dead mother die in order to donate her organs. A morbidly ironic death for a woman who was only sick in the first place due to organ donation. 

The true winner of this emotional gauntlet, though, was Deacon.  

Scarlett hit the nail right on the head, when she deduced that his unwavering belief that Beverly was still alive was only due to his guilt over "killing her" with his own liver transplant. What an awful thing to have hanging over his head!

You don't know her, I know her. This is my sister, and she's trying to breathe! She's a fighter!


Predictably, Scarlett's love triangle was brought into the mix too, with Caleb and Gunnar both offering condolences and support during her time of need.

I have to say, while I don't love Caleb, I totally respected his answer when Scarlett asked him for help. He's a doctor, so he had to know the facts of Beverly's case. He knew the right and merciful choice was organ donation. But being a great guy and a damn good doctor, he refused to tell Scarlett his thoughts, so as not to push her in a direction she was not ready to take. Say it with me, guys: Awwwww.

Unfortunately, that was just not the kind of support Scarlett needed. 

Poor, lost, confused little Scarlett needed a shoulder to cry on. Someone to believe in her, no matter what, and to tell her what she already knew; that whatever choice she made, she would have someone to stand by her and love her.

You are the wisest, most level-headed, empathetic person I've ever met, and if you believe it's the right thing to do, that's good enough for me.


Yeah... Gunnar has some serious game, y'all. And a heart of gold.

Scarlett wasn't the only one with a tough choice on her plate. 

After essentially being left holding the bag (the baby bag, that is), Avery decided it was time to rip off the band-aid and file for divorce. More power too him! Juliette has played a game of emotional whack-a-mole with this awesome daddy, and enough is enough.

I want to divorce my wife.


Who are we kidding, enough is never enough for this couple!

Bless Emily and her never-ending wisdom for interceding because Avery and Juliette can't ACTUALLY be over. Juliette's faithful assistant might find herself in hot water next week on Nashville Season 4 Episode 4, despite her good intentions, when pictures of her with Avery leak to the press. Whoops!

Juliette and Luke's party behavior was fun to watch – and I'll admit to finding a new respect for Luke after their little talk – but it felt out of place with the other, heavier storylines of the evening. 

I have to say, Will's coming out storyline is my favorite so far this year.

After so long in the closet, most people would probably want to see Will be bold and brave and proudly gay. Instead, we've got a much more realistic view of things, as Will struggles to find his place in the gay community. Moreover, deciding if he even wants to be part of that community.

Like it's up to me to solve country music's problem with gay artists?


I do think that Will will eventually take up the mantle and speak out against the prejudice he's had to endure. I just think it's probably a few episodes (if not a full season) off in the future. He's going through some heavy stuff right now, getting in front of a microphone at the neighborhood LGBT Rights rally, might be a little too much too soon.

The final plot of the evening was Teddy's prison stay, which was surprisingly sentimental.

Maisy Stella acted her little butt of in those scenes, so I've got nothing but respect for her. That is one talented 11-year-old.

For the most part, these scenes felt like a goodbye tribute to Teddy Conrad. Rayna forgave him for all his shortcomings, and he managed to reconcile with his two beloved daughters before deciding to plead guilty for his crimes. Better late than never, I suppose!

And that's all she wrote on why we're probably not going see much of Teddy any time soon.

Do you think Deacon and Scarlett will ever mend their relationship? Will Juliette quit her partying ways to be with her daughter? Leave your theories in comments below!  

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How Can I Help You Say Goodbye Review

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I want to divorce my wife.


You don't know her, I know her. This is my sister, and she's trying to breathe! She's a fighter!