The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 Review: I Carry Your Heart with Me

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Guess what, TV Fanatics? The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 might have just put any and all mentions of Elena Gilbert to rest for the remainder of the series. Lily Salvatore has done at least one good thing. Hooray!

Damon said goodbye for now to Elena during "I Carry Your Heart With Me," and Alaric said hello again to Jo. (RIP Aunt Jenna. You only thought you were his OTP.)

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The Phoenix stone works!

It's unlikely that this resurrection spell is going to come with no consequences. Resurrection spells, messing around with the laws of life and death, never come without their issues in this world. But that's okay. We'll deal with that later.

For now, Alaric has Jo back. AND HIS TWINS. 

Thanks to the flash forward, we know that the Phoenix stone resurrected not just Jo but also their girls. Twin girls. The Gemini coven has been reborn. Maybe they'll figure out a way to prevent that whole twin-absorption merging thing that caused a lot of family drama, but if not, my money's on Josie being the stronger of the two. 

Actually, now that I type that, Josie is short for Josette, so I'm sort of scared we just got Jo back, and she's going to die again leaving Ric alone to raise twin girls, one of whom will be named after their mother. Hmmm. That's definitely something to think about. Later. 

We'll watch how it plays out in upcoming episodes. Just like we'll watch the drama between Stefan and Valerie and Caroline continue to unfold on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 5

Caroline can be quite neurotic. It's part of her charm and why we love her. When it comes to this stuff with Valerie, however, it's a little bit much. Sure, sure, Valerie turned her skin into vervain so Stefan couldn't touch her. Clearly Valerie has some lingering feels. Caroline's feelings should be pointed at Valerie and not at Stefan. 

I think my biggest issue with it is that the drama feels manufactured for the sake of creating issues for Caroline and Stefan. I can feel sorry for Valerie that she was Stefan's first love and he was hers and she's been carrying a torch all these years while also feeling that throwing her between Stefan and Caroline is silly and juvenile.

The show has grown up. The audience has grown up. Love triangles can be done and done well, and this isn't an example of that. Maybe the stakes will feel more real next week when Stefan learns that he could've been a father, but right now, it's just an avenue to make Caroline into a whiner, and that's my very least favorite Caroline.

Elsewhere in coupledom, Mary Louise and Nora's relationship took center stage. Here's the thing about them.

I pretty much can't stand Nora. She's mean-spirited and manipulative and hurtful, and I spent half the episode wanting to slap her. I know you've been together for over 100 years, but come on Mary Louise, you can do better. 

Maybe Nora learned her lesson as Caroline and Stefan grabbed Mary Louise and threatened her life if Nora didn't siphon Valerie's spell off her skin, but something tells me once they get through the high drama of the evening, Nora will be back to her bitchy self in no time, and I will be back to squinting angrily at my TV every time she's on the screen. 

I'm still not buying that Enzo is in love with Lily and wants to be with her romantically. I think it's a ploy of his to stay in Mystic Falls and keep whomever happens to wander into town safe. Sure, he brought home a body, but that was more of a peace offering for Valerie than anything, right? 

He's smart to want to know about Julian and who he was, and he's smart enough to know that Lily's a lovestruck, idiotic idealist when it comes to her family. There is no part of me who believes he wants to keep Julian away so that he can have Lily to himself. Enzo just sort of understands that if Lily would fall for this guy, he cannot be a good man. Keeping Julian away is for the good of everyone.

Speaking of Lily, she does have a type. Damon was right when he said she prefers the sons who can't control their bloodlust, and Oscar definitely couldn't once he was resurrected. Whether that bloodlust is just who Oscar is or whether it's a weird side-effect of the Phoenix stone remains to be seen. So far, I'm leaning toward Oscar is a blood-thirsty maniac who just can't stop. That explains the body count in Myrtle Beach and his ravenous feeding frenzy post-awakening. 

At least Damon was there to snap his neck and then hear words of wisdom from his mother. Words which many of us have been saying for weeks now.

It's time for Damon to let Elena's body rest. If he's going to live, move on, whatever, he cannot do it with Elena's physical presence beside him. He can't keep her safe, and he has no idea who he is without her. Holding on to her body is his way of holding on to her, and the only reason he's doing that is because he doesn't trust himself to be a good man without her.

He's already shown moments of it when he's protected Matt. In fact, listing "keeping Matt Donovan" alive as one of the reasons he wants to move back to Mystic Falls is a huge sign that he's already become someone Elena would be proud to know.

He can do this. Letting go was the first step.

What did you think of "I Carry Your Heart With Me"? Are you glad Damon sent Elena's body off with Tyler? Does Enzo really want to be with Lily? Look for this week's round table soon and until then watch The Vampire Diaries online!

I Carry Your Heart with Me Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Nora: You reek of blood.
Damon: Well...I've been binging.
Stefan: And I've been judging.

Lily: Damon, if you have harmed Oscar in any way--
Damon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not my first hostage swap.