Gotham Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Mommy's Little Monster

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Well, Holy Hat Tricks, Batman! There is hope for the City of Gotham, after all!

It took way longer than it should have, but on Gotham Season 2 Episode 7, Jim finds his detective's hat, and after a bit of deduction in Bullock's car, finally figures out that Galavan is, indeed, an evil scumbag!

If only he would have found that long-lost hat sooner, then perhaps things would have turned out differently for Gertrud Kapelput.

But then, again, Jim wasn't the only one who misplaced his thinking cap.

At the end of Gotham Season 2 Episode 6, we saw Penguin and an army of goons preparing to save Gertrud and take down Galavan, so why did Penguin show up at the warehouse with just Butch and two other goons?

The only logical explanation would be that Butch convinced him all those goons weren't necessary, but wouldn't that have raised at least one red flag in Penguin's mind?

Obviously not, because he seemed genuinely surprised when Galavan and Tabitha showed up just as he was about to set his mother free. And he was even more surprised to learn that he no longer had control over Butch.

But the biggest shocker came when Tabitha stuck that knife in Gertrud's back after Galavan had set her free. Sure, Penguin was happily hugging his mother, but how could he not have seen Tabitha slinking over with a knife?

Yes, it was one of those hours where the suspension of disbelief ran high and the exposition ran deep. Thanks, Tabitha, for your your explanation of how you de-conditioned Butch. And thanks, Gotham, for extending Gertrud's screen time in that ridiculously long death scene.

So Gertrud dies and Penguin finally finds his balls when he challenges Galavan to kill him himself instead of having Butch do it. Even though there were elements in the scene that were just too convenient, I still found great pleasure in seeing the shock on Galavan's face when Penguin took a swipe at him with the same knife that killed his dear mother.

Too bad he wasn't able to bury the knife deep in Galavan's neck the same way Galavan did to Jerome! But that time will come.

Galavan's world is slowly unraveling. He's not fooling everyone anymore. And that includes Jim, who took how many episodes to finally figure out that something is off about this guy?  He should really thank Penguin for setting him straight.

But Penguin has become the focus of the GCPD once again after Galavan shares his harrowing story about Penguin's attack on him. 

Why would anyone believe Penguin would want an alliance with Galavan? And why didn't anyone question the newly elected mayor as to why he was seeing Penguin, anyway? Shouldn't he have called the police? And where were his bodyguards? A rich guy like that should have someone protecting him, right?

There are so many holes in that story. And what's worse is not only does Harvey Dent fall for it, but so does Captain Barnes...a guy who eats tough for breakfast, but can't seem to smell bullshit when it's standing right in front of him!

Luckily, Jim smells the bullshit and starts piecing things together, though I really thought it was going to be Bullock who figured it all out first. And once Butch spills the beans about what's been going on, things become very clear to Jim. 

Why he didn't tell Barnes about Butch's revelations is beyond me. It obviously concerned Galavan enough to question him about it. Jim is a good liar, but Galavan is a better one, so I'm not sure if Galavan really fell for what Jim said. And it really didn't matter anyway, because after the shootout with Penguin, Galavan definitely knows Jim is no longer on his side.

I only wish Penguin would have spilled everything. There was no reason for him to be coy about Galavan's interest in Bruce. That revelation would have really turned things around for Galavan and not in a good way.

Someone who is already not in a good way is Nygma. This guy has a serious reason to sweat, especially now that his evil alter ego took it upon himself to dispose of Kringle's body, while the kinder half slept.

While I understand this was a necessary step in order for the two halves to merge, it was a difficult leap for me to make. Why hide the body in the GCPD? How was he even able to pull that off? Didn't anyone notice?

Besides, Nygma's story just did not fit in well with all the other goings on of the hour. His whole story was just a rude interruption.

There was so much going on this hour, it was difficult to keep straight. One thing is for certain, though, despite all its flaws, Gotham is a crazy good time.

Odds and Ends

  • One of the best scenes of the hour was the little tit-for-tat between Selina and Silver. #TeamSelina all the way!
  • Lee giving Jim a key to her place was rather odd. We've seen Jim in and out of her place for so long, how did he not have a key before this? Does she always leave her door unlocked?
  • Where did Butch disappear to? Is he going to run back to Galavan or is this the moment when Fish makes her return?
  • Bruce is an idiot. Enough said.
  • It was clever of Penguin to send an army of Penguins to crash Galavan's party. Why didn't he use that idea before when his mother first got kidnapped?
  • What happened to Tabitha's sharpshooting skills? And where's Barbara?
  • Did anyone else think that Nygma was going to kill Lee?

So, what did you think about "Mommy's Little Monster"? Will Penguin and Jim team up again? Will Galavan's world continue to unravel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster Review

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