iZombie Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Love & Basketball

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Can you handle this sudden – and totally welcome – onslaught of Liv and Major kissing? Because I totally can.

Though he made a valiant effort, Major didn't actually manage to get into Liv's pants on iZombie Season 2 Episode 5. We did get several other major developments though, including cures, old cases, and that pesky little underground lab at Max Rager.

As far as Liv and Major's sexual exploits go, maybe we should be glad that Liv pumped the brakes.

After all, no one ever figured out if 'zombie' could be passed from one host to another via sex. So far, scratching and blood contact are the only proven transmitters, but bodily fluids are bodily fluids. If it were me, I don't know that I'd want to roll the dice, even for someone as smoking hot as Major.

So far it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt.


The sudden halt on romantic developments did allow for a particularly cute episode for Liv and Major. 

These two have an amazing relationship that is rooted in friendship, which was an element that really got to shine tonight. Major has needed a friend, a sponsor, and a swift kick in the ass ever since he started taking Utopium, which is exactly what Liv gave him. It was definitely rewarding to see him pick his recovering relationship with Liv over his drug addiction. 

I'm still not entirely satisfied that Major didn't fess up to everything though. Killing zombies, sleeping with Gilda, and getting blackmailed by Max Rager are all very important things that Liv probably needs to know. 

Unfortunately, his lack of openness and honesty is why I think that Major and Liv's recent rekindling will not end well.

I want more. I want us to be together again.


They might be back together on a probationary basis, but the second Liv learns the ugly truth (and realizes how many lies Major has spun to keep her in the dark) we'll be right back at square one with these two. 

Elsewhere, Ravi and Blaine got up to some more morgue madness. 

After receiving a giant batch of tainted Utopium from Blaine, Liv was definitely hearing those human bells in her head. Ravi, on the other hand, was less optimistic that they could recreate their previous cure. A concern that turned out to be valid, when he accidentally created an insta-death serum for zombie Gabriel. Whoops.

Bright side? You did discover the anti-zombie cure.


Blaine and Ravi's scuffle (hilariously set to The Cure soundtrack) was the highlight of the evening, that's for sure. 

Finally, let's talk about that secret lab at Max Rager HQ. 

We have only gotten peeks at the zombie research lab hidden underneath Max Rager's offices, but this is the second time we've seen them testing on 'starved' zombies. If you think back to Liv's poor friend Marcy from the boat party, you'll remember that zombies who go too long without brains turn into extras from The Walking Dead. Mindless, hungry, violent monsters. 

The scientists in the lab seem to be experimenting on them for some unknown future energy drink, which can only lead to disaster. And now they have a sample of Liv's blood. Yikes!

Someone help Babineaux put the zombie pieces together faster so he can arrest everyone at Max Rager ASAP! 

Don't forget to watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic to put all the zombie pieces together yourself! 

Love & Basketball Review

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

So far it sounds like all of our problems could be solved with condoms and rock salt.


Liv: Do you have any open sores in your mouth?
Major: Sexy.

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