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Will Gus' song be a hit?

On Shameless Season 6 Episode 3, Fiona got a song sung to her that wasn't all that nice, while Debbie tried to get support from her family, but it didn't quite pan out.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman and Whitney Evans are joined by super fan, Amy Perrin. Join in as they discuss Fiona's song, Ian's new direction and the staff at school getting guns.

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React to Gus' song about Fiona.

Stacy: It was funny, and Fiona's reaction was great. I also loved that Sean kept asking her to sing a few lyrics for him. 

Amy: At first I was surprised when he said that he wrote her a song, so I wasn't expecting it to be demeaning. However, it was pretty funny and Fiona deserved it. 

Whitney: Fiona totally deserved that song and it was pretty funny. I give her props for sitting through the whole thing! After the first 'F you' I would have thrown the ring and walked out.

How will Ian's storyline play out?

Stacy: I really want Ian to succeed. Being Bipolar doesn't mean he can't have a life, and he worked so hard to be in the Army before his symptoms ruined it for him. I am hoping that saving that woman will lead to him working to become a firefighter. He'd be great at it and he's already in excellent physical shape. 

Amy: Ian has been floundering thus far this season, but now that he has saved that woman from the burning car I predict a drastic change in his storyline. I think this was exactly what he needed to boost his self-esteem, and I could even picture him wanting to be a fireman.

Whitney: I hope Ian does make some life changes after his heroics. I like the idea of him being a firefighter because it totally fits who he is.

Will Kevin come clean to Yanis?

Stacy: I think V is going to stay attached to his hip and make sure he doesn't for now, but it might come out eventually. Kev is my favorite character and I was cracking up every time he told someone and made a comment about how it felt good to say it. I just don't understand why he didn't just cut both cables. If there were only two, and one of them would have kept the bike from running, he might as well just cut them both and then they wouldn't be in this situation. 

Amy: I have no doubt that he will, it's just a matter of time. His conscience is eating away at him, and he came close several times in this episode. 

Whitney: Kevin will come clean eventually, but only if he can get away from V for a few minutes to do it!

Talk a bit about the staff at the school buying the guns.

Stacy: That whole thing was silly and I didn't really buy it. I'm also just not interested in Carl's story line at all. 

Amy: That was quite the shocker, although it should not have been given how crazy people are about owning guns nowadays. I was sure that Carl was going to get in serious trouble, so all of it was rather humorous. Sad, but humorous. 

Whitney: That was ridiculous, but pretty funny. Carl's storyline is a major yawn so far, but I have to admit I laughed when the principal tried to help him with the girl and when they all pulled their guns out in the cafeteria.

What scene did you find the funniest?

Stacy: Fiona's "interbortion." I especially laughed when Kev said "damn,that's cold" and V was like, "you are not watching a tennis match on TV, people can hear you." 

Amy: I thought it was really funny when all the staff whipped out their guns in the cafeteria, and were pointing them at one another. Even Carl seemed amused by it all.

Whitney: I loved V's line to Fiona about her pregnancy not being funny "ha ha" but funny "slutty". It's something only your best friend can get away with saying to you and it was a great moment between the two.

What did you think of the developments? Hit the comments with your take on the questions. Be with us on Sunday to run down Shameless Season 6 Episode 4, and remember you can watch Shameless online, right here on TV Fanatic.

Here's your first look at the next episode:

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