iZombie Round Table: Liar, Liar!

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Getting inside of a liar's mind isn't exactly what Liv thought it would be in iZombie Season 2 Episode 13, especially because it revealed the lies of her new boyfriend! 

Everyone's lies are catching up to them and have mixed results. Major has a new work buddy, Liv knows more than she'd like to about her zombie boyfriend and we learn some of Blaine's family secrets at the expense of his frozen father. 

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz and Meg Bonney as they talk about "The Whopper," including their thoughts on Blaine's daddy issues! Join in!

Izombie Round Table

Major is working for Blaine now. Do you think Max Rager and Blaine will start to clash soon?

Jim: Maybe not at first, but the bottom line is that Max Rager wants all zombies dead and Blaine makes his money feeding them, so I have to guess that it will become a conflict at some point.  

Caralynn: It can go one of two ways: either they'll clash and our gang will get caught in the crossfire or Blaine will somehow manipulate things so he can work with Max Rager. I don't put anything trickery past Blaine at this point.

Amanda: Max Rage and Blaine have completely different mission statements. I only see an epic clash ahead. I just hope Major doesn't get stuck in the crossfire.

Meg: I can’t wait until we get a scene with Blaine at Max Rager. Vaughn and Blaine together will be amazing to watch! I agree with Amanda, I am worried about Major getting stuck in the middle of this battle. I don’t think it will be a friendly partnership. I think that it will end really, really badly.

Drake is a hit man for Mr. Boss but seems like a good guy. Do you like him with Liv? Why or why not?

Jim: I think he may not be a hitman for Mr. Boss, I suspect he really did help the guy catch a plane out of town. I like him with Liv because they understand each other very well.  

Caralynn: Drake/Liv has been consistently growing on me! I have to admit that I was charmed after they visited his mom last week, so that may be dissuading me from finding Drake sketchy. But I honestly do think he is genuine. I fear that he'll wind up Lowell 2.0 getting struck down in the crossfire.

Amanda: I think he's genuine, at least that's my hope. I wasn't crazy about Drake at first, but he's slowly winning me over. All I care about is if his feelings for Liv are real.

Meg: I don’t want to like him but I do! I thought for sure he would be just a random thug but that whole thing with his mom hooked me. He does seem like a good guy, but he needs to be honest with Liv.

They finally found the tainted utopium! How optimistic are you that Ravi will find a cure?

Jim: Wouldn't a cure be the end of the show? While I don't think he will find a "total cure" I suspect he will find something useful and fun for the storyline.  

Caralynn: I'm with Jim. There's no way it'll be an actual cure because what would Liv do for the rest of the show if she's not a zombie. I think Ravi will find something to help Major/Blaine specifically, while not a cure-all for the general zombie population. I doubt that they would kill of Major and/or Blaine, and I really doubt they'd do a re-tread of "Oh, it's a limited amount of cure! Only enough for 2!"

Amanda: I just don't see how a full-on cure would work for the show unless it's the end of it. I like Caralynn's idea that it may just end up helping Major and Blaine.

Meg: Agreed! Hopefully there is enough to work with for Ravi to figure out how to fix what may happen to Major and Blaine. Or even a brief cure for Liv would be great/heartbreaking to see.

Blaine has loads of family drama because of some disturbing family history with his abusive nanny. What was your reaction to his family troubles and his confrontation with his Dad?

Jim: Glad I'm not in his family. The fact he put on old age make-up just to trick his dad into thinking he had been frozen for years speaks to how truly screwed up that family is.  

Caralynn: Oof, those revelations hit me hard. I'm already really into Blaine as a character – I think David Anders plays him with such remarkable subtlety and nuance – and this was basically the cherry on the cake. Blaine trying to trick his dad with the old person make-up was hilarious.

Amanda: Blaine's relationship with his father is beyond screwed up. However, I had to watch the scene where Blaine wore old-age makeup to trick his father. That scene was hilarious! 

Meg: They are beyond repair! I like that they add so many layers to Blaine. He isn’t just a bad guy looking for money and power. He is damaged and we were able to get a glimpse into that, which was great. The level of screwed up you need to be in order to trick your frozen zombie Dad into thinking that years have past since he was frozen is pretty high, but it was so fun to watch!

Major's secret is getting out and now Clive has the pic of him at Shady Plots. What will the fall out be when he is discovered by all?

Jim: Clive is already suspecting Liv of taking on the personalities of the victims, my guess is that by the end of the season he knows about "Team Z" (as Blaine would put it). It might make Liv's life a little easier in some ways. 

Caralynn: Mm, unlike Jim I actually think Clive would take the Team Z news really badly. I'm sure he will find out by the end of the season, but his reaction remains to be seen. Liv discovering what Major has been up to is going to be incredibly devastating and powerful. Particularly because protecting her is 90% of why he's doing what he is doing for Max Rager.

Amanda: I agree with everyone that this has to lead to Clive discovering everything about zombies, Mac Rager, and Liv. I'm also interested to see the fall out when Liv finds out what Major's been up to all in the name of protecting her.

Meg: I think Clive is going to freak out but I think he will come around to it. He rolls with Liv’s visions pretty well and doesn’t seem to question it, so he may not be as hard-nosed as we think.

If anything he will be pissed that he didn’t figure it out. Major’s case won’t be so plucky. Liv is going to be crushed when she finds out what has been happening. Major had good intentions, but he was still keeping secrets from everyone. And what will Clive think of Major’s dirty deeds? Is zombie murder still murder?

Make sure you are back here on Tuesday night, after iZombie Season 2 Episode 14 for a full review! Until then, Check out the photos from the installment below to get your zombie fix! 

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