Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Where Somebody Waits For Me

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Even A is a liar.

That much was revealed on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 16, as the girls learned from Ali that a golf club wasn't the weapon of choice for the person who murdered Charlotte. 

It's hardly surprising, but it kind of seems like this was thrown in as a cheap tactic to get us more intrigued. If that's the case, it failed drastically.

I'm less invested than ever. 

The spark this show had is well and truly gone, and it's very unlikely that they will manage to get it back before the show slips further into mediocrity. The least the writers could have done is come up with a plot that that had legs. Was it really worth going five years forward?

Not that much has changed. The girls are still very much being terrorized by someone, and they are still sure as hell making the most terrible decisions. You have Hanna moving into Lucas' apartment and then Aria climbing down to the bowels of Radley alone. 

It was very obvious that Radley being a hotel was going to lead to some plot about the origins of the place. It would be good to start ruling people out because this is just becoming cumbersome to watch. 

Everything just feels like it's been done before, and that's not a good thing in the slightest. The fact that Tanner still has a job scares the life out of me. There is the potential that she could miss a lot of things, and A could still be running things five years from now. 

She had an absolute cheek to speak to Emily the way she did. If the woman had actually done her job, they might not be in this position right now.

It's not great to see her go after the gals once more, but I find it hard to believe that Rosewood went five years without a murder. These girls aren't cursed like the gang was over in Ravenswood

The only thing remotely shocking about the episode was Mona's involvement in the whole cell phone thing. Did she want Spencer to see it, or did she want to tell Yvonne that Spencer stole her phone?

Mona has always been a tough character to read, but surely if she went through as many shrinks she said she had, lying would be the last thing on her mind. 

Spencer needs to have some words with her mother quickly to ensure they are both on the same page. If this leaks, then Spence looks stupid and like her mother doesn't trust her, and that's not going to do their image any good in the eyes of the media. 

"Where Somebody Waits For Me" was a terrible installment of this Freeform drama. It feels like we are building towards some sort of conclusion, and it probably won't be a satisfying one. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Will Liam stick Aria in for writing Ezra's novel? Will her version of events fit in with Ezra's?
  • Did anyone really care for Emily's storyline? That whole egg clinic part just felt very forced and dull. 
  • Caleb threatening Mona was terrible, and I don't doubt she's recorded it to use in her campaign. 
  • Is anyone else sick of the constant finger pointing at Melissa, only to be disappointed? Yeah, we ain't falling for that again.
  • Are we supposed to be suspecting Jordan? Something isn't adding up with him. 
  • Is there any point in the Haleb flashbacks? Sure, there are going to be lingering feelings, but they have both moved on.

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 17 airs Tuesday February 23 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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Where Somebody Waits For Me Review

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