Shameless Round Table: Is Gallovich No More?

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Ian's moving on!

On Shameless Season 6 Episode 5, the Gallagher family were forced out of their home for good.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman and Paul Dailly are joined by super fan, Amy Perrin. Join them as they discuss Debbie's new love interest, Helene & Lip being exposed and Ian's new man.

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React to the Gallaghers being forced out of their home. 

Stacy: That was tough to watch, especially after the new owners gave them more time. Though, I did wonder if they were hinting that they could have another shot at the house. They said the bank owns it until it passes inspection. If I were them, I would have done something to ensure it didn't before vacating. It was also really funny they completely forgot about Chucky.

Amy: I thought that should have been given more time to get their stuff together, and make other living arrangements. It was funny seeing Frank taking out things like the toilet. It is going to be weird not having them in that house anymore.

Paul: They shouldn't have been thrown out like that. You'd think the bank would have understood the situation they were in and gave them a little more time. 

Did you see the twist that Erica would be the one who wants Debbie coming?

Stacy: I hadn't really thought about it before it happened, but it didn't surprise me. Debbie is a pregnant teenager in need of a job, why would Erica assume anything more was going on? She's sick and probably loves having the extra help. Plus she trusts her husband.

Amy: Yes, that was a shock, and I wonder what Debbie will do about it in the next episode. We all know that Frank will tell her to go for it with Erica.

Paul: That was the biggest shock of the hour and it was hilarious. Didn't see that one coming!

How did you feel about the way Helene and Lip's affair was exposed?

Stacy: That was awful and just made me angry. Lip is too smart to have left his ex alone in there with a phone that she knew the password to, but it was also just a horrible thing for her to do. I hope the karma comes back and bites her for it. 

Amy: I feel bad for Helene, but then again if one is going to play with fire then there is a great chance of being burned. As soon as I saw Amanda I figured that she was going to do something to cause trouble. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Paul: It wasn't nice at all. Sure, it was going to come out eventually, but I didn't expect it to go down quite like that!

Is there any hope for Mickey and Ian now that Ian has moved on?

Stacy: There's always hope if Mickey gets out of prison at some point, but it is good for Ian to meet new people. I really like the firefighter he's into and want to see where it goes. 

Amy: I miss Mickey, and hate that he is incarcerated, so I hope that they will reunite sooner rather than later. Although, it's unrealistic to think that Ian is going to be celibate for 8 years, so of course he needs to move on for now. 

Paul: I think that ship has sailed and it will only return if Mickey shows back up.

Was Sean right to refuse to let Carl stay over?

Stacy: Absolutely. It's his house and he has a right to feel safe in it, especially with his son there. I wouldn't want Carl in my house either.

Amy: I agree with Stacy. It's Sean's house, and he has the right to choose who can and cannot stay there, especially with his young son being there. I definitely wouldn't want Carl staying with me.

Paul: Sorry, but I have to disagree. Sean has been incarcerated and Carl has been in juvie, so I don't see where his arguments hold validity. He's happy enough to stay under Fiona's roof, but when Fiona asks a favor of him, he attaches strings. 

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