The Vampire Diaries Round Table: X Marks The Spot

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Enzo helped revive the Huntress, while Stefan took Julian out with a little magical help from his homegirl Valerie.

That's the long and short of what you missed during The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12.

We're here to fill in the rest of the blanks with our whipsmart conversation and theories about what's coming for our favorites from Mystic Falls. 

Check out what we thought about "Postcards From the Edge" and then jump into the comments below with your ideas!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Postcards From the Edge"?

Carissa: I quite enjoyed Damon the killing machine, even if it was mostly for Julian's pleasure. I wish Julian had had the balls to take on Damon earlier in the game without watching him drain himself first.

Miranda: I thoroughly loved Bonnie's reaction to seeing Enzo in the hospital room. She tried SO HARD not to be interested in his sudden appearance but she just couldn't hide it. I get it, Bonnie. I feel the same way about him.

Paul: My favorite scene was Bonnie, Nora and Mary Louise in the car. It was hilarious.

Was it cheating to kill Julian while Valerie made them all invisible?

Carissa: Hell no. You play the game equal to someone else's terms. And since Julian never played fair, they had to play on his terms to end his life. Good riddance. Seriously, I couldn't have taken another minute of him.

Miranda: For about half a second, I thought it was. But then I was just...nah. That's the smartest way to handle it. And no one even knows Julian's gone! Perfect! Now Valerie just needs to cloak about five people at once so they can sneak in, kill a bunch of vampires, and take their town back.

Paul: Not at all. The character was terrible and didn't deserve a good death, so I'm quite alright with how he left.

The babies are siphons. Thoughts?

Carissa: Maybe it's just to make her pregnancy a little more interesting? I mean, a pregnant vampire just being pregnant and nothing happening would be a bore, even with a time jump, right?

Miranda: I was really interested in the Gemini Coven story, so I sort of like the idea that there are twins being born at least one of whom is a siphon, because now we have a chance to revisit that down the line. Also, poor Candice Accola. I remember being that pregnant and while growing a human is a total, legit miracle, it's easy to get kind of grumpy toward the end.

Paul: I thought it was a great twist and really made me more intrigued by the whole pregnancy storyline. 

Character you care about least: Mary Louise, Nora, Valerie, or Matt?

Carissa: Mary Louise can go now. Nora has made herself interesting by showing she could have a great friendship with Bonnie. Valerie is already one with the group. Matt got a little less interesting when I learned he didn't go all evil and was only being used by the Huntress, but at least he was seeming tough while doing it. Bye Mary Louise, you're voted off the island.

Miranda: OH GOD MARY LOUISE GO AWAY! I have loved interviewing Teressa Liane, but she is the most sulking, whiny, wet noodle of a character ever.

Paul: I totally agree about Mary Louise. She's got to be the most immature character on TV I have ever come across. Bye, Felicia.

What's up with Enzo and the huntress?

Carissa: What is ever up with Enzo? Maybe he's interested in killing anyone with the mark for their participation in all things Lily. He did love her, after all.

Miranda: I sort of want it to be something where he found out that if he's the one who kills her and brings her back, he gets to control her. And then she'll somehow go rogue, which is how she'll enlist Matt's help. 

Paul: I have no idea. I did think the old woman was somehow compelled by Enzo to act as the Huntress, but that all went out the window when he cremated her and the Huntress was reborn.

Join us again next week for our take on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13!

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