Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Look Into My Eyes

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After all the craziness that happened on Gotham Season 3 Episode 1 and Gotham Season 3 Episode 2, this hour was surprisingly calm, though it did give us a clearer idea of where the rest of the season might be headed, at the least the first half.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 almost felt like a soft reboot. Gone are the monsters (most of them, anyway). So is Fish Mooney and Professor Strange. And the Court of Owls seems to have faded back into the shadows for now.

But, as calm as it might seem, there's a storm brewing in Gotham, and it's starting with Jervis Tetch.

Are you really surprised that the Mad Hatter's introduction to Gotham would be via Barbara and Tabitha's Sirens club? It's actually kind of exciting having Tetch and Barbara working together. Barbara's mind is churning at warp speed, and we know exactly where it's headed.

Jim is going to be in so much trouble, he's going to wish he jumped off the top of the building.

I don't know how far Gotham will take it, but I'm guessing somehow Jim and Barbara are going to end up back together thanks to Tetch's hypnotic powers. Will she end up pregnant? Who knows, but baby Barbara has to come about somehow, right?

Tetch didn't waste any time getting himself situated in Gotham. It's apparent he's prepared to stay for a long time. I think he knows Alice isn't going to come to him willingly, but it's evident he's willing to do anything to get what he wants. And that includes killing anyone who gets in his way.

You've seen so much pain and tragedy, Mr. Gordon. I hop it hasn't left you too alone.

Jervis Tetch

It was a little strange that Jim started questioning Tetch about his motives. The guy paid him ten grand to find his sister, and Jim isn't a cop anymore, so why is he trying to act like one? Just find the girl and bring her to Tetch or give the guy his money back. 

Tetch's motives are unclear at this point.  Why does he feel the need to find his sister after all this time? If he knew she was at Indian Hill, why didn't he do something to get her out? Does he know about her strange condition?

But, the biggest question is why doesn't she want him to find her?

So, how exactly did she find Gordon and Tetch? Did she follow Jim? That's the only explanation I can come up with for how she ended up on the roof. It was perfect timing, too as she saved Jim's life, so boo on him for handcuffing her once she helped him back over the ledge.

Does Jim have any idea about anything? The guy is just one black cloud of miserableness.

I'm not liking the whole Lee storyline at all. If I was her and saw Jim, calling out to him to ask how he was would not be the first thing I would have done. I would have slapped him in the face. Even better would have been a punch, knocking a few teeth loose. I'm sure Lee's got it in her.

I don't understand how she can have any sorts of feelings for him. After everything he did to her, it's ridiculous to think she would have any compassion. Where's her anger? You'd think she'd cringe at the mention of Jim Gordon.

And if Mario is so worried about Lee still having feelings for Jim, why come to Gotham in the first place? It doesn't make any sense that Mario would feel compelled to get Jim's approval for his relationship with Lee. Who cares what Jim thinks? 

It's a stupid subplot I wish would just go away. Why does Gotham have to keep forcing Lee and Jim on us? It's maddening.

And bringing Falcone back into the thick of it is almost just as annoying. 

All the great tragedies start with a face like yours.

Carmine Falcone

Not that I don't like Falcone, I do and always have, but it just seems a little cumbersome to keep saying hello to all these people from Gotham Season 1. He served his part at the end of Gotham Season 2 helping Jim escape from prison, but does he really need to stick around?

I can't see Falcone just sitting around doing nothing but playing daddy to Mario. I get the feeling he's going to be playing a bigger part in all that's going on in Gotham. Like maybe interfering in Penguin's quest to become mayor?

It would make sense, because something or someone has to get in Penguin's way, right? 

Former Mayor James is a non threat at this point. Penguin was pretty quick to show him who's boss. It was sort of goofy that all those patrons somehow had guns at the ready for when Penguin snapped his fingers, but it was still a pretty cool scene. 

Butch didn't seem too thrilled about Penguin's decision to run, and it was odd that Butch didn't know anything about it. Isn't he Penguin's number one henchman?

Gotham is rife with crime, Butch. Who better than a criminal to clean it up?


I'm not getting the Butch/Penguin dynamic at all this season so far. They seem separated, yet Butch is always right there. So how can he not know what's going on? It's just odd.

Still, it's pretty exciting that Penguin threw his hat in the ring. In a crap town like Gotham, Penguin does seem like the best choice. He'd certainly add a lot of flavor to the office. But, even more exciting is that Penguin got Nygma out of Arkham. What is Jim going to think about that little tidbit when he finds out?

I am so looking forward to seeing what Nygma and Penguin are going to bring to Gotham. It's going to be crazy, for sure.

Speaking of crazy, we learned that Bruce's doppelganger actually has a  name and isn't as innocent as he seems. Like Alfred, I don't buy the whole "I don't remember" excuse "Five" keeps throwing out. The kid knows exactly what he's doing. 

Bruce? - Gotham Season 3 Episode 3

I think he has a mission, one that was implanted in him at Indian Hill. It might not be fully developed, but it's there, and he's already acting on it. Is he being controlled by the Court of Owls right now?

It's sort of scary to think that Selina has fallen for the fake Bruce. As smart as she is, you'd think she'd know better. But, maybe she jumped in the car just to investigate what was going on. What "Five" has in store, who knows, but it's not good. Will they find Ivy? I can't wait to see Selina's reaction to finding her.

So, what did you guys think of "Look Into My Eyes"? Are you excited about Nygma's return to regular life? How much trouble will "Five" cause? 

Hit the comments and let us know! If you need to catch up, you can watch Gotham online right here via TV Fanatic.

Look Into My Eyes Review

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

In a hypnotic state, unburdened by doubt and fear, we can accomplish the impossible.

Jervis Tetch

Are you ready to do something impossible?

Jervis Tetch