Gotham Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Executioner

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Big Bad Barnes. It was nice knowing you.

Barnes fully embraced his dark side on Gotham Season 3 Episode 9, but made the mistake of inviting Jim in on his little secret. Meanwhile Penguin learned the truth about Isabella and Ivy retintroduced herself to Bruce and Selina.

Bullock Looking for Barnes

Well, that was one crazy hour. While I loved every minute of it, I was also a bit disappointed – mostly in the Barnes story. Did we really have to lose Big Bad Barnes so soon?

It wasn't surprising that he was going to look to Jim to be his partner. It was obvious that was going to be the case from how Gotham Season 3 Episode 8 ended. I think Barnes was hoping to tap into Jim's dark side. What he didn't realize was that Jim's already scraped the bottom of that well and that well is dry.

There is no more dark side for Jim. Not after his little Mad Hatter trip. Not after he talked to his dad. His hero. Jim is all about being the good cop he was meant to be. There's no more going down for this guy.

The fact that he admitted to killing Galavan without the least bit of hesitation proves this point. I almost fell out of my chair when Jim admitted to it so matter-of-factly. He had been in denial for so long, acting all high and mighty, letting Penguin take the heat for the crime he committed.

You're just the same as I am. I just have the guts to admit it.


I never thought it would be resolved, but it was, and it was done in a very satisfactory manner. No excuses from Jim. Just facts. He talked about everything he lost and it was believable. He didn't try to pull a "woe is me" act, and that made his confession even better. He finally took responsibility for his actions. 

Barnes always thought Jim was the one who pulled the trigger, so it was no surprise when he called Jim out on it. I was just surprised that Barnes didn't put Jim on "trial" for it. Instead, Barnes wanted to use it as a way to convince Jim to join him in his quest. If Jim could cross the line then, why not now? 

It makes sense, right? But Jim is a changed man. The minute he walked into the GCPD and took his old job back, he became someone new.  It's interesting to think that he could have become Barnes. Barnes is what Jim could have become in an alternate universe. After all, he sort of went down that road when he was a bounty hunter, right? He could do what he wanted when he wanted and how he wanted. 

Now, all that's changed. He's purged himself. Jim Gordon is born again.

We break the law, we're no better than the criminals.


I'm going to miss Big Bad Barnes. I wish we had a little more time with him, because this version of Barnes was a helluva lot more fun than the high and mighty Barnes ruling the nest at the GCPD.

Ed and Penguin's story got a lot more interesting now that Ed's figured out Isabella was murdered. I thought for sure he was going to blame Penguin. Penguin thought so too, but what a surprise that he ended up blaming Butch for Isabella's demise.

I'm not sure how I feel about that turn of events, though. I want Penguin to inflict some sort of wrath on Butch and Tabitha, but not the way it looks like it's going to be done. I want to see Butch pay for betraying Penguin, and I want to see Tabitha pay for killing his mother. Why does it have to be his love for Ed to be what finally makes him do something.

I know he's going to do it to save himself from being found out, but still. Going after those two should have been his top priority long before this whole Isabella disaster. 

I still find it hard to believe that Ed was so taken with someone he knew only for a week. And how odd that he was the one who was called to identify her remains. Didn't she have any family? 

Despite all that, the way the story is playing out now is a lot more interesting than it was when Isabella was still alive. I'm glad she's gone. I was afraid she was one of Dr. Strange's maybe Clayface or something and she was planted by Butch. 

There is no doubt that this is all a set-up for an Oswald vs. Ed confrontation at some point.  I'm guessing that the ultimate goal is for them to become enemies. So, let's get on with it already. I'm ready for Penguin to get back to his evil self. This sitting around doing nothing but pining for Ed is getting old.

Ed, you need to heal. And, healing is about moving on.


Ivy finally revealed herself to Selina and Bruce. It was sort of goofy. I don't get how she created this hypnotic type of perfume or whatever she had. Where did she do this? When did she do this? It's all a bit odd.

Just as odd was the arrow assassins coming after them. Were they looking for the key? Why wait until Ivy had it. Didn't they know where the key was in the first place? It just seemed too convenient for them to start hunting it when Ivy just happened to have it.

Did anyone else notice "the look" Selina gave Bruce when he said Ivy looked nice? My heart exploded. Those two are perfect together. And, Bruce is looking mighty spiffy these days.

What did you think of "The Executioner"? Are you happy with the way Barnes' story ended? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.If you missed any of the craziness, you can watch Gotham online right here via TV Fanatic.

The Executioner Review

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The last thing I want is for Barnes to be guilty.


This guy, Barnes? If he so much as jaywalked, he'd write himself a ticket.