Scorpion Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Mother Load

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Super Fun Guy saves the day!

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 9, Paige's mom comes back into town, and while it sounds like the making of a great episode, it sadly was not. I really, really wanted to love Veronica Dineen's introduction, but it just did not work on multiple levels.

For one, it's hard to connect with her.

Mommy Issues - Scorpion

Paige immediately told everyone that her mom cannot be trusted. Paige explained that Veronica is a liar and manipulator, and Paige revealed to Toby that her mom is a con woman.

Now, we, the audience, trust Paige. We've come to fall in love with her over the past two seasons, so if Paige says that her mother cannot be trusted, then we are inclined not to believe a word that came out of Veronica's mouth. Every explanation she gave automatically became suspicious, and Veronica did spend a good bit of the episode lying, so it's not like we were off base in heeding Paige's advice.

This makes it hard to believe and connect with Veronica when she gave her apology for being a terrible mom and also praised Paige for being an amazing mom.

There's no emotional connection with Veronica because we have spent the previous 30 minutes or so doubting everything she said. For all we knew, this was another manipulation, and it forced us to distance ourselves from Veronica and her maybe heartfelt speech.

So, at the end of the speech, you just feel like shrugging it off and moving on. 

Even as a character Veronica didn't work for me. Now, maybe this is because we just don't know enough about her to really get a sense of who she is, but none of her lines felt sincere. I don't mean truthful, I mean they did not work.

It's hard to explain, but like her, "aw shucks, they found me," just felt so odd. She did not seem concerned.

It was all very casual, and I kept waiting for a double cross to happen because that would have at least made some sense. Like, "Oh no my partners in crime found me! How awful...for you." And cue evil laughter.

Veronica's story doesn't add up. Why did she have such a giant truck? Where was the cash supposed to be? Were there actually jackhammers and a crew?

There are too many holes in Veronica's story, so I kept thinking there was something more to it. Instead, I just found myself not caring for Veronica or the entire episode. 

I know that Team Scorpion is full of geniuses who don't usually understand social cues, but I found it really rude that no one stuck up for Paige or seemed to care about her feelings about her mother. Granted, once the nuclear reactor was discovered that became an automatic priority, but still, it would have been nice to see some kind of solidarity from Team Scorpion.

It seemed like Walter and Toby, in particular, warmed up to Veronica rather quickly. Someone tipped her off about where the Scorpion garage was (unless that's mentioned in the various Scorpion articles Veronica had read), which was really rude and inconsiderate.

Don't get me wrong, this hour did have some humor to it. Toby trying to help Paige and then getting stuck between her and her mom was delightful. His scenes were the only Veronica related ones I enjoyed.

Seeing as how the case basically revolved around Veronica's mom, it wasn't that enjoyable either. Super Fun Guy saving the day, and Cabe commandeering various items were the highlights. Also, if Veronica's phone does not have GPS, how will the government find the reactor in the ocean??

What did you think of the episode and Veronica's introduction? If you disagreed and loved Veronica and her introduction, I want to hear why! Surprisingly, it is okay to disagree with me. I can't kick you off the island or anything. 

Leave your thoughts in a comment below! 

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Mother Load Review

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