Gotham Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Ghosts

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Well, that was all over the place. 

Jerome did make a return on Gotham Season 3 Episode 12, but it wasn't quite what I expected.

The New Guy - Gotham Season 3 Episode 12

Who would've guessed that Jerome was still in the container from Indian Hill? So many of us thought that he had escaped on the bus.

Where he would've gone after all this time is unclear, but I certainly wasn't expecting to see him in a jar. Were we all imagining the laugh at the end of Gotham Season 2?

Now we have a Dr. Frankenstein type of guy who plans on jolting Jerome back to life. He's been experimenting and has been successful, but will he be successful with Jerome? 

When and if Jerome comes back, will he be acting on his own free will, or will he just be a puppet of Dwight's?

If Dwight can bring him back to life, he most certainly can take his life away. Jerome may live, but for how long?

I'm not sure if I like the way this story is going.

Hatred - Gotham Season 3 Episode 12

It's not surprising that Falcone put a hit on Jim. What is surprising is that Lee is still in love with Jim. After everything he's done to her, it's hard to believe she still cares for him.

She spewed some pretty mean stuff Jim's way when she saw him at the station.

Sure, she's angry right now, but seriously, when is her pining for Jim going to end? What's it going to take?

One visit to see Barnes and she was convinced that Jim did the right thing? Puhleeeze.

You're the real virus Jim. You seep into people's lives until you destroy them.


So what would she have done if Zsasz was actually successful in killing Jim before Falcone called him off? Would she have thrown herself at Jim's lifeless body? Cried over him at how she had made a horrible mistake?

I hope they dont' get back together. Shame on her if she allows that to happen. She deserves better. Maybe she needs some therapy to finally get over him.

I really thought Bullock was done for when Zsasz had him in his sights at Jim's apartment. If Falcone wouldn't have come in when he did, I'm not sure that Bullock would have survived.

Captain Bullock? - Gotham Season 3 Episode 12

It's funny how much of a puppet Zsasz is for Falcone. He didn't question it at all when Falcone told him the job was canceled. He just smiled and went on his way. 

Zsasz is one strange dude.

The fight between Zsasz and Jim earlier was awesome. Jim isn't about to go down that easily, but I liked that there was a little bit of action thrown into the strange mix of stories this hour.

What is with Penguin? If someone told you that Isabella was on the other side talking about dark deeds and then told you to not trust him, how could you not put two and two together?

It was ridiculous how Penguin thought it was the the deputy chief of staff who was responsible for stealing Elijah's body from the grave. 

Sure, the body was found in his office, but it just seems too easy.

To hell with the people.


I also didn't like how Nygma had to spell out how he did the dirty deed. It was quite obvious that he was behind it all after Penguin couldn't figure out it might have been Nygma. I don't think we needed to have flashbacks of how exactly it was done.

And why would Penguin risk his mayorship like that? It seems a little out of character for him to be so trigger happy after being so calm for so long.

Shocked - Gotham Season 3 Episode 12

I wasn't a fan of Penguin's complacency, but for him to overreact the way he did was just a little overboard. He didn't even listen to the guy, AND he had that big interview. 

Being mayor was very important to him, so it's hard to believe he'd throw it away so easily.

As far as Selina's story, I am not invested one bit in her mother's return. I can only imagine that she is somehow involved with the Court. If not, who really cares then?

What is interesting, though, is what's in the middle of the owl to cause it to glow the way it did. 

What did you guys think of "Ghosts"? Was it too much? Do you like how the show is moving forward with Jerome's story? Will Penguin figure out who's really behind his father's sudden "appearance"? Do you like Selina's mom?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!  If you missed any of the action, you can watch Gotham online right here via TV Fanatic!

Ghosts Review

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