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There's never a dull moment on Arrow. Part of that is down to the multitude of villains that invade Star City on a daily basis to cause some drama for our favorite characters. 

There is generally a main villain every season who appears here and there that needs to be taken down by the season's end but based on what we hear from the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel; there will be multiple big villains during Arrow Season 6. 

The Birthday Party - Arrow

Michael Emerson of Lost fame will play one of those villains during the sixth season, and we're genuinely frightened for the characters. 

If he's anything like Benjamin Linus from Lost, the characters should probably make a quick getaway from Star City. 

Anatoly will also return “with a literal vengeance,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim previewed.

Violent Tendencies - Arrow

“You can also expect a really cool announcement [about] Richard Dragon from the comics, who will also be among our villains.”

A new trailer for Season 6 debuted during the panel, and it showed Oliver struggling to connect with William in the aftermath of what went down on Lian Yu. 

Oliver is “not the best dad,” Stephen Amell admitted.

“My first day on Season 6, it was all with Jack [Moore], who plays William.” Although the two had shared scenes before, “we had never really acted together, and I was really legitimately nervous. He exceeded my expectations, and I’m loving my scenes with him. But yeah, he’s a s–t dad.”

Closer To the Truth - Arrow

You can tell from the trailer that William is not best pleased with his father, and part of that looks like it has something to do with whatever happened to Samantha on the island. 

William also got to hear what Adrian said about Oliver, so he's probably got a bad first impression of his father. 

Thankfully, the flashbacks will be character-specific, which means less of the annoying ones that find Oliver running through absurd scenarios. 

We also got great news with regards to Manu Bennett. He's slated to appear in the premiere and is “also coming back for a special two-part episode in the first half of the season, where we’re really going to be focusing hard on his character, post-everything he’s experienced on the show,” Guggenheim revealed.

I'm Not Laurel! - Arrow Season 5 Episode 22

“We intend to do a Slade Wilson flashback story.”

Katie Cassidy then opened up about her return to the series. 

“I’m so excited to be back. It feels like I never left,” she said.

“It’s interesting, the dynamic between Black Siren and the other characters. It’s exactly opposite to Laurel or Black Canary.”

Guggenheim then said this about Vigilante's identity: “You can probably expect that whoever is underneath that mask is a face that is familiar to you.

Over to you, Arrow Fanatics. What do you think of all the teases?

Sound off below.

Note: Arrow returns October 12 on The CW!

Watch the full trailer below!

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