Suits Round Table: Is Louis Having a Breakdown?

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Things are getting a little crazy over at Pearson Specter Litt. 

On Suits Season 7 Episode 3, most of the characters bickered because things got out of hand. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jasmine Blu and Staxy Glanzman discuss Mike dilemma, what's going on with Louis and so much more. 

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What did you think of Mike having to drop the case?

Christine: I didn’t like it at all. I’m glad that Mike was able to get the clinic to take over the case, and that he and Alex made peace fairly quickly, but this trend of Harvey going back on his word when he’s questioned or in a jam has me worried.

Jasmine: I disliked it a great deal. The nature of the case and the urgency meant it was a no-brainer for a bleeding-heart like Mike. It suited him quite well, especially given his own connection to it.

I'm glad it led to a truce of sorts between Mike and Alex, but it broke my heart that he had to go back on his word because Harvey had to go back on his.

Stacy: I didn't like it either, but at least it worked out for everyone in the end. Oliver will see it through, and the firm didn't lose their client, but I don't blame Mike and Alex for wanting to avoid a similar situation in the future.

I wish we could have gotten the outcome of the case though. I'm curious what happened at that prison. 

What's your take on the way Louis is acting?

Christine: Was he actually having a nervous breakdown while on the phone with his therapist? We’ve always known that Louis has issues but with Alex’s arrival, he’s become even more paranoid and insecure.

He and Harvey are no longer enemies, and he’s now a full partner, but the issues remain. His mood swings are almost bipolar in nature, and I’m truly worried for Louis.

Jasmine: it sure seemed like he was having a breakdown, Christine! I'm so agitated with all things Louis. Why do the writers have such a difficult time allowing this character to grow and develop like everyone else?!

It doesn't make sense to me that Louis is this obsessed with his friendship with Harvey when it's mostly one-sided.

I was actually hoping that he and Alex would hit it off, and Louis would finally have his own person, so my second-hand embarrassment for his character would cease. Nope, I have been dissatisfied with Louis' storylines for a while now.

Stacy: He seemed almost suicidal. His jealousy and rage are out of control. At this point, he may need more than therapy. He probably needs some sort of medication. As Jasmine said, I was hoping he and Alex would hit it off too. I'm tired of this version of Louis. 

Was Donna right to step in with the associates?

Christine: No, she should have given Rachel the chance to handle it, and if there were still issues, then she could have stepped in.

Donna never actually gave Rachel a chance, but as they both realized, they’re new in these roles, and there are going to be growing pains. I'm just happy the two of them talked it out in the end.

Jasmine: No. She didn't even give Rachel a chance to handle things on her own, and it didn't help Rachel at all.

Stephanie isn't an outlier. They had to practically beg and bribe associates to join the firm after everyone jumped ship, I'm sure the others felt similarly.

They don't respect Rachel. Having Donna (someone whose authority they probably don't respect either) interfere, made Rachel appear weak. Donna felt she had something to prove as well, though.

Stacy: No, but her heart was in the right place. It's a learning curve for everyone and mistakes are going to be made. 

Making a Truce - Suits Season 7 Episode 3

Was Stephanie right to delegate her tasks?

Christine: Not after Rachel specifically told her not to hand off the assignment. Stephanie was playing games because she felt Rachel, and the task were beneath her.

It was blatantly insubordinate. When she still hadn’t done the work even after being called out on it, she deserved to be fired.

Jasmine: Not after Rachel spoke with her about it, no. I agree with Christine. She had no respect, was completely unprofessional,  and insubordinate. She had to go.

Stacy: I agree, she should have done the task she was asked to do by her boss.

If she really felt that it wasn't worth her time, she could have gone to talk to Rachel and had a mature conversation with her about her role without blatantly disobeying her. 

Is the firm going to survive without Jessica if there are convoluted arguments thrown in?

Christine: Yes, it will survive. Whenever there are staff upheavals and changes, there are always growing pains.

I think, to some extent, that happens everywhere. It’s just going to take time for everyone to find their footing. And what fun would the show be without a little drama?

Jasmine: Yes, it will. Mom's away, and the kids are old enough to take care of themselves now. They'll bicker, nearly burn the house down a few times, get a shut-off notice or two because they haven't figured out how to budget properly just yet, but they'll learn how to adult, or in this case, run a firm on their own.

It's a learning process for everyone. If they didn't have bumps along the way, it wouldn't be realistic. 

Stacy: Yeah, they'll survive. It's going to be tough for awhile, and more mistakes will be made, but eventually, they'll figure it out.

If they were instantly a well-oiled machine, the show would be boring. We have to see them struggle. 

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Okay, Suits Fanatics. We've had our say! Join us in the comments with your take on the questions. We want to hear your thoughts!

Note: Suits Season 7 Episode 4 airs August 2 on USA Network. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Louis: You're making a mistake.
Harvey: This is not a vote.

Mike: We had a deal. Now this clown is asking me to drop a client that I made a promise to.
Harvey: And if you don't, that deal we made... it's over.