Arrow Season 6: Kirk Acevedo Joins as New Villain!

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Kirk Acevedo is joining Arrow Season 6.

He'll be playing Ricardo Diaz, a character based on the Green Arrow villain, Richard Dragon. His introduction was teased during the Comic-Con panel, and now the part has been cast.

Acevedo is coming off stints as a questionable sort on Kingdom and 12 Monkeys, so he'll feel at home wearing the villain's shoes.

Kirk Acevedo Square

Diaz is a hardened ex-con who spent time in prison for crimes he didn't commit.

That's enough to harden anyone, right? Now he's eager to take over Star City's criminal underworld.

If only Green Arrow had gotten his ish together a little sooner, maybe there wouldn't be a criminal underworld to control.

Richard Dragon

Diaz has some skills, too.

He's a master of hand-to-hand combat that he honed during years of street life.

To make matters worse, in boxing terms, he's undefeated. A guy who grew up on the mean streets who doesn't understand loss is going to be one tough foe.

And yes, Acevedo has the body to match Dragon's. He was beefed up fine for Kingdom!

Black Siren is Ready for a Fight - Arrow Season 5 Episode 23

It might take a while to meet him, however, at Arrow Season 6 picks up following the explosion on Lian Yu.

First, we need to discover who survives.

Word is we're safe to assume the regular team and Black Siren will make it off the island. Does that mean Black Siren might rumble a bit with Diaz, or will her redemption arc be underway by then?

Acevedo joins Michael Emerson as the newest cast members on Arrow.

It was previously announced Emerson will be joining in a mystery role. Ahhh. The dreaded mystery role.

So get your motors runnin' and imagine what's next for the Arrow team!

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What do you think of this casting news? Is Acevedo a good match?

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