Suits Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Brooklyn Housing

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Will Mike ever learn?

On Suits Season 7 Episode 5, Mike continued his pro bono work while lying to those closest to him, and it's becoming ever more apparent that he needs to cut the crap and start being more up front with everyone. 

Multiple Priorities - Suits

Mike knows better than anyone that lying about something can destroy a life, and you would think he would have learned his lesson after all of the drama that came on the back of his big secret. 

He signed an agreement to stop working the prison case. Working with lawsuits on a daily basis, he should know better than to work on it. 

Rachel was right about him burning the candle at both ends. He's spreading himself too thin, and by the time this is all over his word is not going to mean much to those closest to him. 

Honey, I'm Leaving! - Suits Season 7 Episode 5

Mike has a kind heart, but something has got to give. He needs to pick a side and stick with it. Working at Pearson Specter Litt is clearly not part of his agenda if he can't stop lying to Harvey. 

Has there ever been an instance in which Robin lied to Batman? Yeah, Harvey will stop comparing their friendship to that of the two superheroes if he gets an of what is going on. 

The sad thing is that Rachel now knows what Mike is up to and will need to keep it from Donna and Harvey if they question why her man keeps disappearing. 

That's not healthy, and something needs to be done about it. Obviously, Pearson Specter Litt is the heart of the show, but it would not change things much if Mike returned to working full-time at the clinic. 

A New Lie? - Suits Season 7 Episode 5

Let's hope he did not take Nathan's words as compliments. Nathan was only happy about getting one up on Harvey, and that's pretty sad. 

Bringing Frank back into the mix was not that exciting. If Mike genuinely contacted Cahill to get Frank out early, it will definitely get back to Harvey. 

It's understandable that the prison storyline is personal to Mike because of all the crap that happened to him when he was on the inside, but it would have made things much easier if Mike told Oliver to accept the payout. 

Maybe this shows just how much Mike hates injustice, but he's going to get to a stage in which he needs to pick which side of the tracks is right for him. 

That day will come soon enough. 

It was a bit of a bold move for Harvey to get Louis to defend Paula. It was clear from the get-go that her dirty laundry was going to be aired to him, and that's why she wanted to continue with her own lawyer. 

It was the type of case that Louis could win, but Paula was forced into accepting his help, and that did not sit well with me. 

On top of that, Harvey should have thought about how it looked to have someone from his firm defend the woman he's getting jiggy with. 

He's been in the business for a long time, so the very notion that everything Paula was getting up to behind closed doors was not going to be used against him should have been enough for him to let her deal with it on her own. 

In the end, it brought them closer together, and that's not very realistic. Harvey opening up about what Paula told Louis in confidence was a terrible move, and it was surprising that Paula did not tell him to leave her alone. 

Yes, he wants to be a support unit for his girlfriend, but he needs to learn to let her deal with something on her own if she wants to. 

The big positive from this storyline was that Louis finally progressed. It was unprofessional of him to compare the situation with Paula and her ex-husband to the one he was in with Tara. 

Taking on board what his therapist said proved that there is still a lot to like about the character. He seemed too far gone a few weeks back, but now he understands that his actions are not rational. 

However, if Louis starts making irrational decisions on Suits Season 7 Episode 6, I will legit throw my remote at the television set. 

Progression, people. Keep on progressing. It's the way forward. 

Hi, Secretary! - Suits Season 7 Episode 5

Thus far, Donna's new role has largely consisted of her being treated like a secretary, and that's not okay. She thought by taking on her new title as COO that she would be looked up to by her colleagues. 

That's not a big ask when you're essentially the mother goose who keeps everyone in line. Whatever Donna's role is, she will always find a way to look out for those closest to her. 

She was totally right to have reservations about making Holly a permanent fixture at the firm. In Donna's defense, she thought Holly would betray the firm at the first opportunity. 

Donna and Holly meeting was fantastic. Holly gave Donna a run for her money and made it clear she did what she needed to in order to get results. 

Donna probably saw a lot of herself in Holly, but it's better to have the character appear sparingly as opposed to a full-fledged member of the firm. 

All things considered, "Brooklyn Housing" was a solid episode of Suits. Despite some hideous melodrama, the storyline is heating up, and it's only a matter of time before Mike's lies come to the forefront. 

Donna has defended Mike a lot in the past, but it's difficult to imagine her getting on board with him betraying Harvey. 

Over to you, Suits Fanatics. What did you think of this exciting episode?

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Brooklyn Housing Review

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Suits Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Louis: You're dating your therapist?
Harvey: I don't need a lecture from you, Louis.

Paula: There are things about this situation I would rather not get to Harvey.
Louis: This stays between you and me.