Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 Review: Devil's Bargain

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The tablets and a familiar face returned!

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13, everyone was busy looking for Lucifer, and yet the only question I had was, are we finally going to get to the point of the other world? 

This has probably been one of the slowest moving seasons Supernatural has had. How long have Mary, and now Jack, been in the other world? Yet they still hadn't come up with a solid plan to get them back -- it just makes absolutely no sense. 

An Unlikely Deal - Supernatural

I can't be the only one who is having issues with how long they are dragging out trying to save Jack, and Mary, right?

We got to see, what, one episode dedicated to the other world -- now we're lucky if we even hear about them trying to come up with a plan. No wonder Sam is depressed about all of this. 

We now have ten episodes left this season, and I'm still perplexed on how they are going to manage to get to the other world. I'm really hoping they don't rush everything at the last minute, but I have a feeling it may happen. 

I couldn't really blame Sam, and Dan, for being disappointed with Castiel going to Lucifer for help.

It did seem like a brilliant idea at the time considering Lucifer really wanted to make sure Michael was killed; though you would think Castiel would know better than to trust Lucifer completely. 

It was a tad confusing when Dean apologized to Castiel for not trying to find him. There was no way the guys would have ever known Castiel was gone because of Asmodeus. At least Castiel knew the important thing to do was to find a way back to the other world. 

Castiel Twirling - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13

Speaking of Lucifer, Mark Pellegrino is a treasure we should all appreciate. Just when I think I'm surprised by how he portrays Lucifer, he surprises me again.

It was awesome seeing him, for a moment, show a more human side to Lucifer -- from the many facial expressions, and mannerisms, he brings something special to the role every single time. 

Dad's always stealing my best lines.


We all knew the moment Lucifer found out about Sister Jo all human bets were off -- at least he didn't disappoint; though I had to give Jo credit for coming up with a genius scheme.

Why has it taken so long for a fallen angel to come up with such a brilliant business plan to heal people, but also make money?

I know, I know, it seems selfish, but she brought up some great points. When the angels fell to earth, they had nothing. The only way to get around in this world, let's be honest, is if you have money -- so why not heal people while also making a profit. 

New Jo - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13

She also got credit for creating a business deal with Lucifer.

She brought up some really fantastic points about needing an angel on tap -- which I am kind of shocked Lucifer never thought of it in the first place. If he continued to suck every angel dry he would just end up running of grace eventually.

The only thing which gets me every time is how had it taken so long for the guys to learn about Sister Jo? T

his woman was curing people who couldn't walk, curing burn victims, etc., but the world and the guys had never heard of her. Does anyone else wonder about these kinds of things, or is it just me?

Of course, I had a feeling Jo would join forces with Lucifer -- it just made the most sense. Who else loved the moment Lucifer basically took over in heaven? I have to say, it may be one of my favorite scenes this season. 

Is anyone else tired of Asmodeus? While he has done some terrible things, I've found myself completely bored with him. He just doesn't cause me to have any fear -- which is not to say Crowley ever did, but at least he wasn't a one-dimensional villain. 

Heck, I wasn't even terrified when it was revealed he was holding Gabriel as a prisoner; though I wonder how Gabriel is still alive considering Lucifer is the one who killed him. 

In the end, the guys made absolutely no advancement of getting to their mom, and Jack. Thankfully they were able to get Donatello to read the demon tablet, but he's been tricked into giving anything he finds out to Asmodeus -- so who knows how it's going to turn out. 

I'm just really holding out hope the last episodes of the season really just shines through. It's time to get to the point of this season. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think.

Did you like the scenes between Lucifer and Sister Jo? What do you think of Asmodeus? How are you feeling about this season?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Devil's Bargain Review

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

Sam: They have an angel tablet?
Castiel: Yes, and the archangel Michael, again the apocalypse world version, he wants to use the spell to invade, and conquer, our world. That's why I met with Lucifer.

Lucifer: Where do I find more angels?
Cupid: I don't know. There aren't many of us left.