The CW Expands Programming to Sunday Nights

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The CW is returning to its old ways. 

And, by old ways, we don't mean a schedule littered with shows about the filthy rich. Instead, the network is adding an extra night of programming. 

Protecting His Cellmates - The Flash

Nine years ago the network opted to remove Sunday programming and handed the night back to affiliates. At the time, the shows airing on the night were not pulling in a big enough crowd. 

The network even trialed a night dedicated to shows from Media Rights Capital, but the ratings were woeful. In the DVR-heavy world of today, could The CW succeed on Sundays?

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Well, the network is taking another stab at the lower rated night. So, we will find out soon enough!

The good news is that some of the young-skewing network's more marginally performing offerings are more likely than ever to return to the air. 

Familiar Faces - Black Lightning

"By expanding to six nights, The CW is now able to give our fans even more of the series they’re so passionate about," The CW President, Pedowitz said.

"Broadcasting remains the foundation of our multiplatform approach to bringing our programming to viewers. Over the past seven years, The CW has added more than 80 hours of original scripted programming to its schedule — now that number can continue to climb, as we grow our broadcast lineup, and continue to add content on every platform."

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"I’d like to thank Chris and Ann for being instrumental in making this happen, and to thank all of our station groups for being such terrific partners as we add Sundays to our primetime schedule this fall on all our affiliates across the country."

Unlikely Friend - Riverdale

It was recently confirmed that the network had nine pilots in contention for the 2018-2019 season. With a 12 hour per week schedule, it means that more of these shows will likely make the air. 

We would not be surprised to see Supernatural shunned to Sundays with Wayward Sisters. The former is the show that seems to survive every timeslot thrown at it. 

What do you think of this news, CW Fanatics? 

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