Travelers Renewed for Season 3 as Netflix Exclusive

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Science fiction fans everywhere can rejoice!

One of the best Canadian imports in years has been renewed for a third season and will be exclusive to Netflix going forward, Eric McCormack announced today.

Travelers, an engrossing program originally commissioned and aired on Canadian network Showcase, aired in other regions on Netflix. The streaming net has now acquired all rights to it going forward.

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Travelers focuses on a group of time travelers who return to the 21st Century from hundreds of years in their future to keep humanity from suffering a terrible fate.

In their future, they have managed a way to travel in time sending only their consciousness, so each arrival is carefully planned utilizing historical records and data about what vessel will next be vacated by the consciousness that currently inhabits it.

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The travelers then assume the lives of their new hosts and continue working on their mission as part of a greater team in the 21st Century.

McCormack was starring on Travelers before the revival of Will & Grace returned and will continue to appear on both series going forward.

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The release he shared on Twitter contained this statement from the star:

“Before I was Will Truman again, I was a Traveler,” McCormack said.

“And I am so excited to be able to tell our fans, worldwide, that Brad Wright’s subtle and stunning sci-fi drama is back for a third season. I am so proud of this show, particularly that it’s all-Canadian.

"From our devoted Vancouver crew, to an uber-talented young cast who hail from Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Ontario, to my producing partners and our Toronto roots, Travelers is a series as Canadian in its creation, as it is global in scope.

I am counting the days ‘til I return, not just as Special Agent Grant MacLaren, and as a producer, but as the director of the 3rd season premiere. Travelers will continue to be unwavering in its dedication to Canadian talent, and in its drive to be one of the strongest, most binged shows on Netflix.”

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“Our partner Eric said it best,” Travelers executive producers Wright and Carrie Mudd of Peacock Alley Entertainment said.

“We’d like to add our gratitude to our viewers in Canada on Showcase – as well as the Corus and Sky Vision teams – for two extraordinary seasons. We are excited to start shooting Season 3 this March in Vancouver, and to continue the Travelers story for fans in Canada and around the world, only on Netflix.”

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Travelers costars Travelers Jared Abrahamson, Nesta Cooper, Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore and MacKenzie Porter.

If you haven't seen the first two seasons of the tremendous series, they're available now on Netflix. You have a free weekend coming up. Start viewing it!

For those of you who are already fans, what do you think of the news? Are you psyched for the series to return?? 

Have a say in the comments!

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