Gotham Season 4 Episode 18 Review: That's Entertainment

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Well, Gotham, I'm sold.

Jerome left his legacy in a small box on Jeremiah's desk on Gotham Season 4 Episode 18, and the moment all Gotham fans had been waiting for finally came to pass.

Okay, Jeremiah isn't officially the Joker yet, but we all know that's where it's headed.

Jim Faces Jerome - Gotham Season 4 Episode 18

Not only will we get Batman's arch nemesis, but, more importantly, we'll also get to keep fan favorite Cameron Monaghan in that role.

It was surprising that Gotham was able to pull it off as effectively as it did because I had my doubts. The Jeremiah storyline wasn't my favorite (how corny), and I wasn't particularly fond of the new after-winter hiatus Jerome either.

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He was way over the top and too Dark Knight-y for my tastes. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but there's a point when it almost becomes a mockery, and I felt Monaghan was really close to crossing that line.

I always loved the Jerome of the Maniax days and in this installment, he was closer to that version of himself. Oh, there were plenty tips of the hat to other film and television versions of the Joker but it didn't come across as unnatural and forced as it had been.

You're as crazy as I am. It's in your DNA. See, we got the same blood running through us. We are practically identical. You are a killer. It's your nature. Don't try to fight it.


Jerome took the stage once again but this time instead of someone else closing the curtains on him -- he closed the curtains on himself.

It was his plan all along for his brother to take the mantle. He knew that he was going to die. He had no intention of going back to Arkham, and he had no intention of escaping either.

If Jim wouldn't have shot him causing him to fall off the side of the building, he would have found some other way to end his life. This was his story to end, and he did it his way.

Inmates Run Free - Gotham

Jerome was always Jim's nemesis so it was fitting that it was Jim who was burdened with watching Jerome fall to his death. 

It also served as a clever transition into the next phase of the Gotham story with Bruce and Jeremiah taking the mantle to forge their own history together even though they have no idea that that's what their future holds.

There was a moment when I actually thought Jim was going to walk away from Jerome but Jerome played with Jim's sense of decency and justice to force Jim to give him a hand only to turn around and make Jim look like a fool.

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Jerome may be gone, but his nightmare lives on.

The only part of the Arkham Asylum Lunatics (what a great name for their band) story that I didn't like was how Oswald was portrayed.

Keeping his mouth shut with Jerome made sense because the guy was a lunatic and who knows what Jerome would have done to him if he did open his mouth, but calling up Jim and crying, not once, but twice, was too much for me to handle.

Fish Mooney would have been ashamed.

Bruce Takes on Firefly - Gotham Season 4 Episode 18

How can a guy who cooked his step-siblings and turned his stepmother's head into a centerpiece (and let's not forget what he did to Butch) be such a whiny baby?

And why would he keep turning to Jim when Jim has screwed him over so many times?

Oswald deserves better.  At least he was the hero of the hour having saved the citizens of Gotham from an unpleasant laughing fit. Still, Oswald needs to dig deep to find that darkness we know he has. 

How the rest of the loonies are going to be dealt with will be interesting. What will happen to Jervis Tetch and the rest? Were they able to escape?

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Will they remain free and become part of Penguin's crew or will they join the new King of Gotham, the Joker, when he finally makes his official appearance?

Barbara's story had such great potential but it's already lost its way. Why tease us with the possibility of a Barbara in charge and in control only to turn her back into a crazy head case?

Babs: I think it's time my loyal servants taught you some manners.
Tabitha: Why don't you do it?
Babs: Because I am the one true heir of an immortal God's ancient dynasty, and I don't dirty my fingers with the likes of you anymore.

Not only that, but her newfound power is all a farce because the Ra's al Ghul she worships is a fake. And her and Tabitha are going to be in opposing camps. How trite. And boring. 

Penguin Runs to Jim - Gotham Season 4 Episode 18

Gotham doesn't know how to treat its women and it's a shame. Lee can't exist without a romance, Barbara can't be sane or powerful and Tabitha hasn't had a real story -- ever. 

Sofia was clever and cunning but she wasn't playing nice with the other ladies in town, and Selina is still too young to be a powerhouse.

But who knows. Maybe Gotham will surprise and Babs will become the Queen she's always wanted without turning into a complete psycho bitch -- again.

One more note before I turn it over to you guys -- who else got chills when Bruce got that awesome looking almost Batmobile gift from Alfred for his Birthday?!!!!! Exciting times ahead, folks!

What did you think of "That's Entertainment"? Did you like how Gotham brought the Joker into our midst? 

Are you tired of wimpy Oswald?

Are you frustrated with Barbara's return to crazy?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Gotham Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

He scares the living hell out of me.


It's time to give this city the boost it needs. It's time to stop taking ourselves so seriously. I mean, c'mon, Gotham. What do you have to lose? Except your sanity?