Lucifer: Scarlett Estevez on Maze Trusting Trixie, Fun with Lucifer, Sleep-Away Camp & More!

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I had the absolute joy of speaking with Lucifer's Scarlett Estevez last week. Estevez plays Trixie on the show, one of the most delightful characters ever to be introduced on Fox television.

At the time of our chat, we didn't know of Lucifer's fate, but we were hopeful. Now that it's possible we'll never have the opportunity to talk with Scarlett again, I'm doing something I've never done before.

I'm delivering to you the complete and unedited version of our interview. Scarlett is just as much of an angel as her character, Trixie, and everyone should imagine this fun and inspiring conversation just as it occurred before we say goodbye to her on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 24. Enjoy!

Scarlett Estevez

Hi. How are you?


Good. It's so nice to meet you.

You, too.

So, did you have a good day at school?


What do you do at school?

Well, we were doing state testing right now.

Oh, well, that's not fun.


So, tell me a little bit about working on Lucifer. What's it like being the only child actor on the Lucifer set?

It's really cool. Everyone there is awesome and really nice. And it's really fun hanging out with them, and they're all really funny.

You're really funny.

Thank you.

Doctor Trixie

You're welcome. Who do you most enjoy playing opposite on the set? What scenes do you like the most?

I like my scenes with Lucifer. Those are really funny.

Why do you like the scenes with Lucifer? What makes him so funny?

Lucifer's character wit and their bond together is really funny. I feel like Lucifer even though he pretends, and he says that he dislikes Trixie, I feel like he really does like Trixie. And when they're together, it's like they're really funny.

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Do you have any idea why Trixie seems to bring out the best in everybody she's with, whether they're humans or demons?

Well, I feel like Trixie doesn't really know that she does it, but I feel like Trixie just looks for the best in people. Like when she's with Maze, I feel like, even on the Halloween day when Maze showed her her demon face, I don't know if Trixie really knows kind of if it was real.

But I feel like even if she did know it was real, she would think that even though that she's a demon that she's a really nice person. So, I feel like she just looks for the best in everything.

That's a really good way to look at it. Why do you think that Maze can't see that of all people to trust, she should trust in a little girl?

I feel like maybe Maze has had some hard times. I feel like she has a hard time trying to trust in people. But I feel like sometimes she feels safe with Trixie, but I don't really think she understands humans that much because she's a demon. I don't think she trusts Trixie the most, but I feel like she should.

Trixie and Maze

Got to say, I think she should too.


So, this week fans were kind of surprised when Charlotte was killed off.


What's Trixie going to think about that? They were getting close.

Yeah, I feel like she's going to be really devastated because that one time when they were doing each other's hair and stuff, that was really funny. So, I feel like Trixie's definitely going to be very sad.

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That was so cute whenever you guys had your hair the same.


That stuff must be a lot of fun.


Can you tease anything about the finale?


Princess Trixie

Are we going to be surprised, happy, sad? What do you think?

A little bit of both. I feel like there's some things that people are going to be sad but other things that are going to make people happy.

Yeah, they've always strived a little bit of everything, don't they?


So, what's it like to be such a talented and sought-after little girl in Hollywood right now? Everybody loves you.

Well, I feel like it's really awesome, and it's really cool and really fun to be able to do that. And I get to go, too, into the meeting places and meet a lot of nice people, but I feel like what some people don't see is that you kind of hear no more than you hear yes in the business.

You probably will hear no a bit more than yes in the business and which kind of makes me have like a tough skin because you know that you don't really let it get to you anymore when you get your noes because you know that that's just part of it.

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That's interesting because so many little kids across the United States now all they ever hear is yes because everything they do, they get a trophy and all that kind of stuff. But you don't, do you?

Yeah. Well, I feel like some people they're having their up moment right now, and then, later, I'll have mine, but it's fine. It's their time to shine, and when they do their thing it's their turn, so I feel like it's best.

Trixie and Mom

You're very smart.

Yeah. Thank you.

You're welcome. Who's your favorite actress? Who do you aspire to have a career like? Do you admire someone in particular?

I think Emma Watson's really cool. Her character as Hermione was awesome and her I just when she got to play Belle, that was also really cool. And I feel like she's just really humble about her career. And I feel like she's just like a nice person.

And have you ever thought about what you want to do when you grow up, or even whenever you're like maybe 15 or an adult when you're 30?

When I'm 15 I might want to be able to do something more little girl like a TV show that's mostly based on kids or something where the main character might be like me or something.

And then, when I'm 30, I might want to look into being a director as well but still be staying an actress. And also, I think it'd be cool to maybe not have to do as much auditions, maybe if they'll just ask me if I want to do projects.

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Oh, good for you. Good for you. You can be in control. What's been your favorite moment in life so far?

Well, I have a really great family. I have a brother and a sister, and I have a dog and my mom and dad. And I have a really supportive family, so that's great.

But in acting so far, one time my director and Mark, they actually thought of having a project with just like having me be the main character, and that just made me feel really good about myself.

Even if it doesn't go anywhere, I feel like it's just so nice that thought of me after the project that we already did together, so that just made me feel really good.

Trixie Top Down

Oh, I think there should be a project with just you.

Thank you.

I don't think ... Maybe everybody just doesn't realize how much we adore you. A lot of people watch Lucifer because of how much they enjoy your character.

Thank you.

Yes, well, it's true. It's true. We have a whole slideshow for you on TV Fanatic, so we have Trixie moments on there. And so, my final question is: What are your summer plans? What are you going to do in your hiatus? Do you have like a movie or something? Or are you going to go on a fun vacation?

Well, there are two things so far. So, I want to go to sleep-away camp. Me and my brother and my sister, we tried it last year, and we really enjoyed it, and we want to do that again any time.

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And what is that? What kind of camp?

A sleep away camp.

Oh. Okay.

Yeah. And then after, we might go to Cancun for a little bit.

Oh. Fun.


What kind of stuff do you do at sleep-away camp?

There's like a field trip every week, and we stayed for Monday through Friday. And every time there's a theme. Last time there, it was like a scientist theme, so we have like a little science party where we get science projects and stuff.

Oh, how fun. Well, I hope you have a great summer. And I know there's no word yet on whether or not Lucifer's coming back, but-


... we're keeping our fingers crossed.


If it comes back, I certainly hope that we see a lot more of Trixie.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for talking with me today.

Thank you for seeing me.


Are we through yet?



Bye, Scarlett.




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