Younger Season 5: The Cast Teases New Living Situations, Lost Kisses, Zingers & More!

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As a part of the press junket for Younger Season 5, we had the opportunity not only to speak with Hilary Duff and Charles Michael Davis but to get some juicy tidbits from other fabulous cast members, as well.

In this article, we're showcasing portions of the interviews with Debi Mazar, Molly Bernard, Nico Tortorella, and Miriam Shor.

Find out what's new in the smallest, ever-expanding apartment in New York, love lives, and Maggie's artwork. Plus, who are meeting for the first time, what scenes are already breakout hits and a lot more before the exciting premiere.

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If you watch Younger online, you know that at the end of Younger Season 4, Josh married Clare in Ireland. While we don't know what the story will bring, Nico Tortorella, who plays Josh, was willing to give us some hints.

"Josh has just a giant hole in his heart and Clare have just like been this band-aid that he just like stuck on top of it, and I don't think it's quite big enough, you know, to heal that wound.

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"But we get back, and he's a newly married man, and he's back in New York City, and he's just got to navigate through it and what that means to him."

The good news Josh isn't staying in Ireland forever. He is returning to the United States and to his apartment, a very special apartment that grows and grows. In fact, whether Clare returns with him or not, he and Kelsey (who is not moving out) are getting a new roommate! Lauren is moving in.

Nico Tortorella Tall - Younger

Molly Bernard (Lauren) explains, "It's the Mary Poppins of apartments. So that's a really fun storyline. Lauren really takes her career into her own hands. She gets, obviously, as always, into some wild situations and introduces wild themes and situations to everyone else in the cast. It's my favorite season.

"Yeah, I have some really funny material that is a ball to play. And, as always, the cast is ... I have the best playmates in the world." 

Debi Mazar assures us that Maggie has some juicy material coming her way in Season 5. She's heading into dramatic and emotional material for the first time.

"This season for Maggie is more about having Liza be there for her. She's vulnerable this season. She's working hard to maintain her apartment. And then, she gets a break, and she's in the Whitney Biennial. She gets good, successful things happening with her artwork.

Debi Mazar Horizontal - Younger

"And, the vulnerability thing. She has some romance stuff coming up. There are a lot of funny twists and turns and surprises. We sometimes get the script the 11th hour, and we're all at the table reading with the cast and the network executives, and we're like, 'Oh! Oh my god! Oh, my ... what!' Like, it's been really exciting.

"I think it's the most mature of all the seasons, in the sense that you're invested now in all the characters. You're really able to care about people and what they're going through. And everybody has something going on this season. So that's pretty great. It's a very rich season. I finally get to meet Diana Trout," Mazar said.

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That's when Mazar revealed in her world they had already met in the most amazing way, but it was a scene (get your tissue box ready) that landed on the cutting room floor.

"Well, last season, I'm with the Orthodox Blonde, and I guess I go out with Diana, and me and the Orthodox Blonde get into a fight. We break up and to save me, in a moment, Miriam acts like she's a lesbian and kisses me. And it was so much fun. We had such a hoot and laughed all night long.

Miriam Shor Horizontal - Younger

"And then, that ended up in the cutting room floor. I didn't see [Season 4], so I never knew that I hadn't already met Diana. So when I read the script, I'm re-introduced to Diana for the first time ... wait, what?!"

In a separate interview, Miriam Shor shared her thoughts on the same scene. "It was one of my favorite things I've ever shot, and it's gone. Diana gets a little tipsy and has a brief make-out with Maggie in order to make an ex-girlfriend jealous, of Maggie's."

Tortorella was in the interview with Shor and agreed, "So Sweet, too."

Shor summed it up nicely, "A nice moment of sisterhood. I loved it. Also, Debi's a great kisser, so that's a plus."

Molly Bernard Horizontal - Younger

Maggie wasn't the only one who hadn't met Diana yet. Lauren is another character who will get the Diana treatment, and from the news traveling throughout the junket, it's a scene for the ages.

"Miriam and I shoot our first scene together tomorrow, actually. So, we've only had the table-read," Bernard shared. "But at the table-read, people could not stop laughing because I have a zinger, Miriam throws me back a zinger, I throw her back a zinger. I cannot wait. It's going to be so much fun."

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Shor agreed with Bernard's assessment of the scene and had thoughts on why she thinks Lauren and Diana are a match made in television heaven. "I really do believe that Lauren and Diana are two sides of a generational coin in terms of, like, who they are, and how they operate in the world, given the societal confines of that time. Right?"

"And Diana clawed her way to where she is through a gauntlet of, you know, the working world, not really believing women could do as good a job as men, and so what she had to do to herself to get in there, is what she did to herself.

Debi Mazar Tall - Younger

"Whereas, Lauren operates in a different world now with different tools and a different sense of entitlement that young women have, in a positive way. Diana's entitlement comes from how hard she's worked and the standard she holds herself to, which she holds everyone to and they always fall short. 

"Lauren's entitlement comes from the way that, luckily, young women seem to be walking through the world today, now, which is like, "I have just as much reason to believe in myself as anyone," you know? It seems to me that that's how this generation of women, the younger generation, is feeling and it's so heartening. So it's very exciting.

Shor also directed an episode for Season 5 that she had just finished while Tortorella wrote a book of poetry called "All of It is You."

Nico Tortorella Horizontal - Younger

Shor is very impressed with his ambition and talent. "What I love is that he wrote a book of poetry, that I feel like ... That feels like a way to express yourself that is challenging, and you reached for something else, something different than what might be expected."

"There's like a speed at which my brain thinks and my mouth moves," Tortorella said, "and I feel like the book lives in between those two. I wrote the whole book in 42 days. One hundred fifty new poems."

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Shor said, sounding very much like Diana, "That's crazy. I'm still working on my first. I started it in seventh grade. We're going to get there!"

Not only is the cast opening up behind the scenes, things in front of the camera are moving away from the show's initial premise, too. 

Molly Bernard Tall - Younger

Mazar said, "There's always something new happening with every season. It's not just based on the lie of Liza's age anymore. We all unanimously feel that this show can sustain without the lie happening. But, there are still some people that don't know about it.

"There's Lauren, there's Peter who's Charles, there's Diana. There are still some high-stake people that haven't realized what's going on. And her daughter. I don't think Caitlin knows either."

Tortorella is also excited about the friendship that will be explored between Josh and Liza.

"I mean, honestly, this season I think we get a really beautiful chance to see Josh and Liza navigate to a plutonic relationship from a romantic relationship, and that is, in itself, resembles my life, staying close with exes, and you never really get to see that on television anywhere," he said.

Miriam Shor Tall - Younger

Shor agreed, "Oh, it exists for so many people, and that it's complicated and that's not like the love just changes overnight, so there's dealing with that as you're dealing with the friendship. That's interesting human behavior."

We'll have another article discussing the premiere on Wednesday, as well as our review of Younger Season 5 Episode 1 on Tuesday, so don't miss any of our Younger coverage.

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