Colony Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Disposable Heroes

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On Colony Season 3 Episode 11, Will, Katie, Broussard, and Amy are concentrating their efforts on building an army of the outliers Kynes allowed into Seattle to roam free.

Little do they know it was all by design, and Kynes is actually on their side.

We didn't know up until this point what Puppet Master Kynes was up to, either. Now we do.

Working Towards a Goal - Colony

While it makes sense for Kynes to build an ark, of sorts, to repopulate mankind after the upcoming war, I wonder why he thinks Seattle will go unscathed.

Yes, he's filled the city with the best of the best, but when the war goes down, isn't Seattle going to be the hub of an attack?

They saw weakness. They knew you were the kind of crabs who would always drag the others back down into the bucket.


After all, the pod outliers are being enhanced on Blake Island to work for the Hosts, not Kynes. The outliers Kynes has collected are great and all, but they aren't superpowered. There's no way the regular old outliers alone can protect the entire city of Seattle, keeping Kynes's ark intact.

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It's a nice idea, but how is it going to be executed? By attrition? Maybe Kynes is thinking the more of the best and the brightest he collects and trains, the better Seattle's chances of ending up left with at least some of the people with the talents and skills he's deemed worthy of survival.

Resistance Gathering - Colony Season 3 Episode 11

The key might be in the reverse engineering of the alloy in the briefcase from Colony Season 3 Episode 8. Kynes could make protective suits, wrap it around a few buildings with his chosen peeps hidden inside. The question is, did he complete the reverse engineering, and can he duplicate the material?

Kynes's work may have been cut a little short, but he's a sly dog, so he's got a backup plan to his back up plan. For sure.

I'm sure we all want a clue as to what Snyder's game is right now. He didn't want to be in charge of Seattle. Did he? He admittedly plays all sides, and we know that about him. He's very good at that. I can't help but think he's a closet resistance sympathizer.

Amy: Well, that seems like a pretty stupid idea. What do you think?
Katie: Nobody asked me what I think.

His plan all along could've been to gain the trust of the IGA so that they would put him in charge of Seattle. From that high position, Snyder could help the resistance. If he's now included in Seattle, he will benefit from Kynes's plan to save the city. It doesn't seem he's privy to Kynes's plan, but we all know Snyder is not always what he seems.

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If ever.

The guy is hard to pin down, and that's what makes him such an interesting character.

Bram Confides in Gracie - Colony Season 3 Episode 11

Kynes is wrong about Snyder and is underestimating his intelligence. He might be right about Helena, but Kynes is way off the mark about Snyder. It doesn't take a Harvard education and well to do pedigree to know what's what. God, he was so smug talking to Snyder and Helena in the streets, wasn't he?

You could tell by the look on Snyder's face that Kynes is going to eat his words.

That's the thing about Snyder. He lets people say whatever they want about him. He doesn't care, and it doesn't sway his plan at all. You have to admire that a bit.

Let's address the Predator-type creature in the woods with the cloaking abilities. That might be a clue the enemy of the hosts is already here on Earth. The Hosts and the Occupation are awaiting and preparing for the enemy to come and fight.

I know why mom and dad don't want me around anymore. Cause I make them think about Charlie.


What if they're already there among them? Cloaked creatures are waiting in the wings, strategically getting themselves in position to strike when the iron's hot.

That's a terrifying thought. They may have been sneaking onto Earth, a little at a time, hiding among the citizens and watching everything they do. We saw this creature kill two outliers with no problem at all.

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If this theory proves correct, Seattle and the world at large is in more danger than they realize. Maybe the host's alloy can protect them, but not if the enemy is among the humans already.

There could be Predators on every street corner at this moment, laughing their butts off, as the humans and the hosts feebly get prepped.

Bram Confides in Gracie - Colony Season 3 Episode 11

It'll be interesting to see what Operation Phoenix entails. Obviously, the phoenix rises from the ashes, right? So, it's an uprising. Assuming the Kynes resistance doesn't know about the cloaked beings, the rebellion would have to be against the occupation.

What good is an attack on the occupation going to do if the engineers of the occupation are the hosts? The operation has to account for that. Remember, Kynes has been very organized and involved at every level, so the occupation might not be the focus of Operation Phoenix after all.

Whatever Kynes thinks the outcome of his operation is going to be, he better remember the occupation and the hosts have some serious firepower and disintegration abilities.

I know why mom and dad don't want me around anymore. Cause I make them think about Charlie.


They can kill you in an instant, unless you happen to be wearing your special, handy-dandy alien alloy suit, of course.

Theories, Colony fans! Toss out your theories in the comments.

What are your thoughts on the cloaked Predator in the woods? What do you think Operation Phoenix includes? What do you think Gracie and Bram are going to get into since Katie and Will checked out of parenthood? Finally, do you think Snyder is low-key for the resistance?

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