Younger Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll

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Kelsey has a problem on her hands on Younger Season 5 Episode 6, but honestly, it's the kind of problem I wouldn't mind having. 

She has not one but two charming, handsome men falling for her. 

Things have been heating up between her and Jake since he was introduced, but at the same time, she also has unfinished business with Zane. 

We're Supposed to be Working  - Younger Season 5 Episode 6

And as the sayings go, "when it rains it pours" and "old habits die hard." 

The series is taking the "guys do it all the time" excuse and embracing it for their female characters. 

However, "double dipping" is going to have some major repercussions because these dudes are bound to find out about each other -- they are all working together on a major book deal. 

It needs more energy. Humor. Scandal. We’re competing with Russian hookers and golden showers.


Kelsey should take some hints from Liza -- lying works for awhile but sooner or later, it catches up to you. 

Zane repeatedly warned her "not to mess this up," so you know that's exactly what's going to happen. 

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My guess is that Jake will find out about Zane and pull his book from Empirical. Zane's competitive nature will hold a grudge against Kelsey for ruining a business opportunity and breaking his heart, simultaneously.

Are you rooting for? Zane or Jake? Or are you over love triangles completely?

Book Hook Ups - Younger Season 5 Episode 6

Unlike Younger Season 5 Episode 5, much of this episode was packed with filler moments with some pivotal points sprinkled around for flavor. 

It's getting really tiring to have the very best moments come in the final seconds of the episode or as a cliffhanger.

Maggie's art was finally recognized which is great, but the only good thing to come from it was that she was in a space to meet the infamous Diana.

Kelsey: Who am I gonna choose?
Lauren: Mm-mm. No. You don't. Have them both, diva. It's healthier for your flora too.

I can't wait for these two to find themselves rubbing elbows again and doing more than just complimenting each other's necklaces. Although really, I need to know where Diana gets all her jewelry. Diva! 

The Chrissie Hart storyline also fell flat aside from the joyous moments that had Charles squirming and cringing as he got pushed out of his comfort zone.

I could not stop laughing when he lunged to close the box on a rather pricey dildo. Wasn't he at least a little curious?

If it wasn't for Liza, I don't think he would have ever made it out of Shelter Island. And that friends, is the beginning of a horror movie. 

How Old Are You - Younger

Liza went with the hopes of finally confronting Charles and having a real conversation. He can't avoid her forever. 

And things looked promising after all the wine and absinthe that they drank -- he even cracked a smile as he loosed up a bit. 

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But unfortunately, the moment it became just a smidge more serious, he hid back under that stoic exterior. She'll eventually break through, but at that point, I hope it isn't too late. 

Maggie: Who is that woman screeching at you?
Liza: Uh, that's Diana.
Maggie: Oh, that's Diana? Now I finally get it.

Liza's really evolved since her divorce and one of the things I think she's realized is that she doesn't have time for someone who doesn't just go after what they want. And that seems to be the case with Charles. 

She's given him his space and he's slowly coming around, but he also keeps doing things that push her, and the viewers, away.

Leaving her alone at the house after she came there to help him get the manuscript was the lowest of lows and further proof that he runs when things get tough.

Charles: How did you get this?
Liza: I didn't run away.

However, it gave us the boss version of Liza that we've been waiting for. 

I don't care what anyone says, Liza was a straight-up rockstar for much of the episode and specifically, in the very last scene. 

She strutted into his office wearing her power suit and dropped that book right on his desk. My original theory that she was handing him her own memoir about combating ageism in the workplace wasn't accurate, but this was just as satisfying. 

Maggie's Milestone - Younger

She has more balls than he will ever have. 

And she showed him that she's done hiding and playing games -- she's owning who she is and how much of an asset she is to him and this company. 

I do hope that they decide on where to go with these two soon though because as much as I love the suspense, the weekly "will they or won't they" plots are getting tiresome. 

Diana and Enzo's relationship is one that keeps giving -- from the fact that he still lives with his mother to her speaking Italian and standing up to being called a prune. 

I'm bringing a blue-collar companion to a black-tie event.


From now on, I'm also going to be telling people that I'm a big juicy grape. 

As for Josh, he was third-wheeling and moping around the whole time which was very anti-climactic. And getting jealous when he found out that Liza and Charles were on a work trip made me roll my eyes.

For the umpteenth time: she is not yours! 

I wonder why the writers keep dangling Josh on the sidelines just enough to remind us that he's not out of the picture completely. Is there still a possibility of reconciliation? 

This Is Your Place? - Younger Season 5 Episode 6

Other Best Moments 

  • The rockstar talking about banging Charles' brains out is every #TeamCharles fan ever. 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Liza fangirling over Chrissie and singing her songs. 
  • Chrissie took one look at Liza and called her out for not mastering the millennial look. At least she can't be fooled. 

And I usually don't talk about previews, but Younger Season 5 Episode 7 looks like the one I've been waiting to see. Liza's couple friends introduce her to Charles as the woman they've been trying to set him up with for a while. Awkward. 

That man may be a plumber, but he sure can plumb my depths.


It seems like Charles is at the same holiday party as Caitlin and ex-husband, David. Can you just imagine how complicated that's going to be? Maybe it will help him realize why she did what she did?

On top of it, it looks like Caitlin is going to be stirring the Josh pot as she's seen telling him that she hopes they figure things out. "Why? Did she say something," Josh asks all too eagerly. 

Before all of that make sure to watch Younger online and leave your comments about tonight's episode below. 

Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll Review

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Younger Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Maggie: Who is that woman screeching at you?
Liza: Uh, that's Diana.
Maggie: Oh, that's Diana? Now I finally get it.

It needs more energy. Humor. Scandal. We’re competing with Russian hookers and golden showers.