NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7 Review: One of Us

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The healing continued with but one mention of Mosley.

There was a thought-provoking case, and Anna went away on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7.

The theme was "There but for the grace of God," with no good feeling at the end.

Elite Training - NCIS: Los Angeles

The approach wasn't at all subtle, but it worked.

The case of the week was one of the borderline cases. An arms dealer, who got praised as a good man by his girlfriend, was killed soon after arriving in Los Angeles. After a cursory investigation, it was determined that the killer had had special-forces training.

OK, that's a reason for the OSP to get involved. The trouble was they were already well underway.

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But this was hardly the first time NCIS got drafted before any military connection existed, and it won't be the last. So I'll move on.

While it was nice that Sam did Eric a solid by getting out of Ops and into fresh air (well, relatively fresh, being L.A.), was there a point beyond that? So Eric could download on site the camera he found? That was hardly a case breaker other than to help them decide, "Yup, this killer's good."

Some good news was an intriguing possibility for a recurring character appeared with Bill Goldberg playing Lance Hamilton.

New Face in Town - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7

Lance was more than a little cagey about his job. He was like a secret, one-man, investigative unit/wrecking ball. You know, like in any action movie starring a present or past pro wrestler. 

Except for Dwayne Johnson, He has ascended.

I enjoyed how Lance and Sam met cute after a motorcycle/truck chase, with Lance totally unfazed by the equally muscular bald man smashing out the window of the truck. The fact he was unafraid should have been a clue he was on the side of the angels.

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It was good to see Tom again if only long enough for him to drop off intel on Lance and remind us that Mosley isn't completely gone yet, just off getting the price off the heads of she and her son.

One of the few funny scenes was watching Deeks try to puff himself up while standing next to Goldberg, but still, he looked like a scrawny surfer. Don't worry, Deeks. At least your hair's better.

I hate those episodes when the suspect is more a victim than a villain. Daniel lost his son to a drive-by shooting because there was a drug dealer next door, so he targeted high-level criminals. He also lost his wife in the process.

In Pursuit - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7

That's also the premise of many an action movie where we cheer on the vigilante who technically is breaking the law.

No wonder those pursuing Daniel were more than a little conflicted, especially ex-servicemen Sam and Lance. As Lance noted, if he did the same thing Daniel was doing while in the military, he'd earn a medal.

Their pursuit of Daniel was temporarily interrupted as Deeks had to talk his way into the restaurant, charming the hostess only to be told he reminded her of her dad.

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Been there. Ouch!

That's what Deeks does in small doses -- lighten the mood.

When caught, Daniel wanted release from his pain, and he got it with suicide by Sam. Hopefully, Callen and Lance were able to get him past blaming himself for Daniel's death.

Lance and Sam determined they were similar individuals. But where Lance disappeared off the grid, Sam chose to live his normal life, supported by his family and friends.

Much on His Mind - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7

Lance recognized they were kindred spirits, which is why he invited Sam to come work with him. It'll never happen, but it would be a cool spinoff.

Now back to Anna.

The powers that be dropped the ball on this character.

Sure, her relationship with Callen was going nowhere. So have the ATF transfer her east, and bring her back sparingly like with Joelle.

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If it was important to have the storyline with her shooting Sokolov (it truly wasn't), then have her plead temporary insanity, as she feared for the safety of her father. She could be brought back after an unspecified period of time.

Now, instead, Callen is going to have to carry the burden of being partly responsible for Anna being jailed. He's got enough on his mind, what with his father missing overseas and his sister disowning him. Plus, he's got to lead the team whenever Ochoa isn't catching the red eye back and forth to D.C.

Speaking of Ochoa, I can handle him in charge, although he would be my third preference, behind of course Hetty, then Kilbride.

To check out Ochoa, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online.

How did you like Lance? Did you feel sorry for Daniel? Did Callen do the right thing about Anna?

Comment below.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Callen: I'm going to do everything in my power to get you out of here.
Anna: I wish you'd done everything in your power to keep me out of here.

Callen: How are you?
Anna: I'm getting by.