Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8 Review: A Real Instinct for the Jugular

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Don't ever get in between a Carrington and something they want! 

On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8, both Fallon and Alexis proved that if they want something bad enough, they will do anything to get it. 

And they play dirty, even amongst each other. 

Ulterior Motives - Dynasty

When Fallon found out she couldn't get the venue she wanted for her wedding, she went to extremes.

Apparently, when you boast the Carrington name, it's perfectly acceptable to flaunt your status around and just purchase the venue. 

With such privileges, I'm not surprised Alexis wanted to sabotage her own daughter to climb up the social ladder once again.

The whole antebellum thing is giving me "Get Out" vibes.


Instead of helping her daughter, Alexis was doing favors for Southern socialite, Mimi Rose Prescott, to get back into the Peachtree Society. 

Really Alexis?

I'll never understand rich people. They just thrive on being better than the other person and they call it friendship. 

Since Alexis has always made it seem like a relationship with her daughter is one of her biggest priorities, I was sure she'd be on her best behavior and show that she can be selfless.

Social Ladder - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

Instead, Alexis' niceties were short-lived as she hijacked Fallon's dress shopping and started a catfight with Cristal. 

Sometimes, Alexis' antics are just exhausting to watch. 

When Mimi said "as long as I'm standing I'm getting married at Swan House," I knew that was foreshadowing.

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Alexis actually ran over the woman with her car and thought there was nothing wrong with it.

In fact, she said any mother would do that for her daughter. 

No, honey. Other mothers would just tell their children that the wedding wasn't about the venue at all before slapping them for acting so spoiled. 

Which is exactly what new Cristal did for Fallon, well, sans the slapping part. 

No Glitter - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

Cristal hasn't been around for long, but she's already making huge strides with being a maternal figure for Fallon in the same way OG Cristal was.

It was nice to see them bond even if Fallon was initially hesitant. And especially because they teamed up to put Alexis in her case.

However, it's probably best they start hosting parties outside of the manor because as we know from previous experience, events, including weddings, never go off without a hitch. 

Speaking of weddings, Sammy has been feeling lonely without his new husband, and it almost lead to a scandalous affair.

You know, Blake's pantalones may tighten at the taught of you now, but in time, they're going to deflate.


I say almost because Sammy somehow managed not to give into temptation.

Steven, this man loves you! 

I kept screaming "don't do it, Sammy." It was intense. 

Sadly, Steven is nowhere to be found nor is he picking up any calls. I'm going to chalk that up to the service being terrible out there. 

I know they let James Mackay go, but is Steven really just going to ghost his own husband?

The Truth - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

Sammy won't have too much time to worry about it because the last moments of the episode set us up for what I'm thinking is going to be a wild midseason finale. 

After flipping through pictures with Alexis -- he's the only one who puts up with her -- Sammy realized pregnant Claudia was at his barn wedding!

The other major jaw-dropper: someone stole the baby!

I loved this twist because it gave me original Dynasty vibes. 

They can't even report the kidnapping to the police because it's not their baby! 

The Manny  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

Despite Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 attempting to make it seem like Claudia stole the child, I'm going to say the kidnapper is Manny. 

He may have been a bit too good with LB, not to mention he was already agitated after Sammy rejected and fired him. 

This is why it's so important for Anders to run background checks! 

As for Claudia, she may be crazy but she's not stupid. She'll eventually show up at the Carrington manor as Alexis was the last person Hank was dealing with before he disappeared.

I'm excited for her to return because she brought this unfiltered level of crazy that none of the Carrington's could replicate even if they tried. 

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Everything about Michael's storyline gave me major anxiety, and I'm fairly certain it's because of his stupidity. 

Ada sees so much potential in him as her henchman and savior, but I simply see a dude who showed this woman his loyalty and that he's irreplaceable.

Why Michael? You were so close to getting out! 

Ada surprisingly held up her end of the bargain, so why did he think twice about taking it?

It seemed like up until she told him to be his own man, he didn't notice how badly he wanted independence from Fallon and the Carrington money.

When it was finally offered to him, he considered it even if it came through someone as shady as Ada Stone. 

I rolled my eyes when he used the racism card while trying to get his shipment across. Yes, it was better than shooting the guy, but groan.

Also, the officer would never have fallen for his tactics because at the end of the day, if the paperwork isn't adding up, that's a major red flag. 

If Michael willingly goes into business with Ada it will surely break him and Fallon up because she's not going to want to be messed up in all this shady, dirty business. 

And if he isn't planning on telling her, Colby and Monica will. 

I wasn't a fan of how forward Ada was with Michael either, but I was more irritated with him for allowing it. 

Let's Go Shopping - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

Michael, for the love of all things Carrington, tell me you aren't going to ruin what you have with Fallon for this Stone lady. 

If he does, I will be so peeved that Fallon allowed Liam to get away.  

There has to be a reason why the writers brought up how spiteful the Van Kirks are.

Technically, the sale of CA went through, but I don't think we're done with this story yet nor is Fallon out of the woods. She did kill Uncle Max and lied about her marriage to Liam.

New Cristal hasn't rubbed anyone the right way, well, except Blake, but she's starting to grow on me. 

It's going to be the society wedding of the season. It's a shame you're no longer invited.


I admire that she can stand her ground against Alexis. Her honesty and bluntness give her an edge; she's not one to be impressed with a sports car or a horse. 

And she sure as hell wasn't impressed with a whole soccer team. 

One of Blake's many faults is that he doesn't get the hint. 

When Cristal said she didn't want anything, she really meant she didn't want anything. 

We still don't know her motivations for moving in or getting engaged to Blake, it seems like it isn't about the money or the lavish lifestyle.

When Anders was chatting with her, I really was waiting for her to hit him with the "I'm just happy to be here" line.

But if it isn't about money, what is it about? 

She obviously isn't in love with Blake. 

When Blake said "it's our family's team" it was borderline creepy. Something isn't right with Blake.

So Materialistic - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8

I think he's trying to just replace one wife with the other so he doesn't have to grieve.

And it seems like he's insistent on children which frankly, they never talked about.

He's in for a rude awakening when he realizes he can't just buy Cristal's love as he did with all the previous wives. 

And what was up with Cristal crying over the jersey? 

Her family was brought up a lot from Anders' prying questions to the soccer match -- maybe there's a familial connection that's yet to be revealed.

I mean, it's kind of weird that a woman would just move in and have absolutely no belongings, no job, no friends and no family, right?

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8 was one of the better episodes as all the plotlines were driven and set the stage for an epic showdown. 

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A Real Instinct for the Jugular Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

The whole antebellum thing is giving me "Get Out" vibes.


You know, Blake's pantalones may tighten at the taught of you now, but in time, they're going to deflate.