Dynasty: 11 Reasons Fallon Carrington Is A Queen!

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Fallon Carrington is by no means a royal in the literal sense. But, in the eyes of her adoring fans, she might as well be.

She's a star, a diva, a style icon, a business maverick, a witty professional, and everything in between. Her ambitious and direct attitude makes her stand out above her competition. In essence, she is a queen.

And that's why we love her!

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Throughout Dynasty Season 1, we saw the reigning Carrington Atlantic heir exemplify her queendom status in big business and bigger schemes. She defeated her enemies, went toe-to-toe against Cristal and Alexis, and possibly found love in the mix.

Below, we've picked out 11 reasons you should love the character of Fallon too. And don't forget, you can watch Dynasty online via TV Fanatic to get caught up on all of Fallon's past moments.

Are you a fan of Fallon or do you love-to-hate her? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Dynasty Season 2 premieres Friday, October 12 at 8/7c on The CW.

1. Her Comebacks Are Legendary

Her Comebacks Are Legendary
Fallon is a master wordsmith. The Carrington superstar is quick with her wit by throwing cutting remarks at her enemies and hilarious one-liners at her loved ones. Her legacy has its roots in the many retorts, zingers, and quips we hold near and dear to our hearts. Thanks to Fallon, she delivered many of Dynasty's funniest quotable moments.

2. Highly Intelligent

Highly Intelligent
Cunning, brilliant, and resourceful are just some of the best words to describe Fallon. She knows how to play the game and what moves to make to push herself forward. Fallon plans ahead and relies a lot on her intelligence to get what she wants. She's a driven and smart professional who could give any Slytherin a run for their money!

3. She's A Superstar In Business

She's A Superstar In Business
Her intelligence has led her to become an ambitious professional in her field. Nepotism has no place with Fallon; she's using her power and position to climb the corporate ladder and get to the top. From working at Carrington Atlantic to starting her own business to now running Carrington Atlantic as CEO, she's ascended to the throne of the business world and plans to stay there.

4. Royal Style

Royal Style
Just like her one-liners, Fallon's fashion sense is like second nature to her. Just look at her chic and stylish outfits! She has style for days. Fallon knows how to dress to impress with ease. But, she doesn't have to impress anyone ... she's Fallon Carrington, after all.

5. She Doesn't Back Down To Anyone

She Doesn't Back Down To Anyone
Some may call it ego, but her attitude is all about confidence. Fallon isn't the type of person to back down from anyone who tries to walk over her. She will stand her ground and be a worthy force. That type of self-confidence and bravery is very much enviable for her fans.

6. Puts Alexis & Cristal In Their Place

Puts Alexis & Cristal In Their Place
Just like the wars raging on Game of Thrones, there is more than one person vying to be on top. Enter Cristal and Alexis Carrington. Both Fallon's step-mother and mother have their own agendas in life ... and they've caused more than one problem for Fallon. But, our favorite queen doesn't take it lying down. She gladly puts her family in place and stands up for herself.

7. Ready To Fight For It

Ready To Fight For It
Though, sometimes her actions lead to disastrous consequences, like falling into a grave or getting hit by champagne. Still, we love the drama from the fights. Like, for instance, Fallon's best moment yet: Her iconic fight with Alexis in the pool.

8. She Admits When She's Wrong

She Admits When She's Wrong
Fallon may be a tad stubborn at times, but she knows when she's made bad choices that were completely wrong. Even when she reluctantly has to do it, she's ready to apologize and accept the lumps that come from her mistakes. It takes a big person to admit when they're wrong.

9. Sibling Goals

Sibling Goals
One role that Fallon holds near and dear to her heart is being a great sister. She loves Steven so much! Their sibling relationship is one of the best on Dynasty ... and we can definitely see why. She will do anything for brother and be his biggest supporter, even when she's frustrated with him. She always puts him first.

10. A Great Friend

A Great Friend
Sure, Fallon doesn't have many friends, but when she considers them a real friend, she'll do anything for them. She helped Sammy Jo when he needed a job, and even when Monica betrayed her, Fallon was quick to forgive and reunite with her best friend. Whether thick or thin, Fallon is there to stand by her friends, and that's someone you want around.

11. And Deep Down, She Has A Good Heart

And Deep Down, She Has A Good Heart
Through all the schemes, self-involved goals, and cutting remarks, Fallon is a good person at heart. She doesn't go out of her way to hurt people for the sake of money or power unless it's stopping a villain in the process. When confronted with the choice, she'll try to do the right thing.

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