Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Trespassers

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Jim and Babs forever!

I'm not sure where they are heading this season, but on Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 they seemed to be circling a happy place with each other.

Jim has always relied on Barbara to help him out in his various predicaments, and she has always begrudgingly obliged.

Tall Babs - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

To me, that signifies some lingering feelings for each other.

Both of them are alone now. Lee is nowhere to be found, and the thought of her hasn't even crossed Jim's mind.

Barbara no longer has Tabitha which leaves it wide open for a possible reunion between them.

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Sure, Babs is on a rampage about Penguin, and that might be her main objective, but that fact that she showed up in the Dark Zone in the most badass of ways to save Jim's ass means something, right?

A New Partnership - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

The connection between the two runs deep, and despite all the drama they've faced over the years, that connection has never been broken.

I'm sure that part of Jim's feelings is that he blames himself for her run-in with the Ogre. Had he not gotten together with Lee the way he did, that whole nightmare would probably never have happened.

Here he comes, Gotham. Your judge. Your jailer. Your most hated son. Have at him! Rip him to shreds! No one deserves to die more than he.


But it's more than that. When Jim was on his Red Queen trip courtesy of Jervis Tetch on Gotham Season 3, it wasn't Lee who accompanied him on his journey, but Barbara.

It doesn't matter that in one of his fantasies he was married to Lee with children, the person he had by his side through all of the elevator floors was the person he trusted and could rely on most: Barbara.

Fight for Jim - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

And if you look back through Gotham history, it's always Barbara that Jim turns to when he's in need.

Barbara has never had a fair shake on this series. She went from syrupy sweet on Gotham Season 1 to all kinds of crazy throughout the rest of the seasons.

It was always my hope that she'd turn out to be the Queen of Gotham because that woman deserves to have a crown on her head after all she's been through.

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I don't believe that Barbara wants to be a villain. She wants some sort of normalcy back in her life. She wants to be valued and loved. She wants to matter.

Getting back together with Jim won't define her, but it will bring her back some of her old self that she so desperately desires.

One can only hope.

The Savior of Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

Before Babs made her grand appearance in the Dark Zone, Jim and Bullock were trying to save the orphans from a lifetime of slavery.

I'm not sure how Gotham is going to introduce Shane West as Bane, but I think we got a small taste of what's to come with the smoke masks.

I'm also wondering if Gabriel might be the one who ends up turning into the much-anticipated supervillain. There has to be some connection.

The Dark Zone was all kinds of fun for Bullock.

Bullock Saves the Kids - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

I loved that he was the one who had to investigate the basement of the house.

He knew there was something off about it all right away, and his reaction to discovering the horror he knew he would find there was perfectly Bullock.

Their encounter with Mother was entirely too brief, and I'm not quite sure that the little boy was indeed the Orphan we were expecting.

It's not the last time we'll be seeing the crazy lady. At least I hope not, but then again, Gotham is well known the wham, bam, thank you ma'am mentality when it comes to introducing new villains.

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How many have come and gone in a blink of eye throughout the seasons?

Poison Ivy is one of those characters who always seemed like she was going to get a great storyline, but then it never materialized.

As it turns out, she's the witch the nurse kept telling Bruce could help save Selina.

Trying to Save Selina - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

I'm not sure we'll ever see Ivy again, but at least she served her purpose in turning Selina into the long-awaited Catwoman.

I'll be honest. I think the whole story was hokey at best. 

I mean no one even questioned giving Selina some strange root that had human blood in it? Not even Alfred?

And Bruce didn't notice that Selina was acting pretty odd after she came out of the shadows to show him how she could walk again?

I get that we needed to move the story along, but sometimes the process of how we got there doesn't make sense.

The Witch - Gotham Season 5 Episode 2

It's almost like Alfred's experience in the Lazarus Pit on Gotham Season 4. After Bruce stabbed and then revived him, there was no mention of that incident ever again.

You'd think Alfred would have had some lingering effects from being brought back to life after that. But, nope. Not in Gotham's world.

Ed's story is another one that doesn't quite make sense. I'm just not getting it. Would anyone care to enlighten me?

Over to you!

What did you think of "Trespassers"?

Is there something big in store for Jim and Babs?

Did Selina's story work for you?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Gotham Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow. You use your last bullet to save me? Must be love.


Look around, Jim. We're all slowly dying except some of us get to choose how.